The Roaring Twenties

Created By

Leonid Pankavuranov


Marvik Ribabov
Vasily Borisov
Boris Antayov
Yulian Markovsky

Opening theme

The Margovyan Oldies - "20"


Margovyan National Broadcasting Network


Comedy, Adventure, Teens

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes

154 (List of episodes)

Running Time

36-39 minutes (regular)
73-79 minutes (2-part)
110-118 minutes (3-part)

Original Run

September 1, 1962 - October 12, 1968

The Roaring Twenties is a Margovyan classic adventure and teen sitcom created by Leonid Pankavuranov. It began broadcast in the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on September 1, 1962 and ended on October 12, 1968, spanning a total of 154 episodes over seven seasons. The series is about a group of children who worked their way through adolescence living in the 1920's and starred Marvik Ribabov, Vasily Borisov, Boris Antayov as Yulian Markovsky.

The series has received very positive reviews and acclaims from media critics, and was considered as second-greatest TV series of Margovya to date, the first one being The Interceptors, which replaced the series' Saturday Late at Night schedule six months after the show ended. Because of the very positive reception on the series, Pankavuranov decided to do a movie version of the series, which was released in theaters on 1971, and won five Academy Awards on 1972. About twenty years later, a remake of the film version of the series, which would star Gennady Elemat, Orental Gibitov, Matvey Rasapinsky and Marko Mendayov, will be released in 1997. The show was also featured twice in the classic TV series The Interceptors: once in their second season in 1970, and once in their eighteenth season in 1987 commemorating The Roaring Twenties' twenty-fifth anniversary. It was also featured in a spiritual crossover with the new Interceptors series in 2012 to commemorate the show's 50th anniversary.


Timofey Manlaev (Marvik Ribabov), 14, eighth grader at Universidad Marginalia del Norte, is willing to fight for the country despite his young age, so despite his father's disapproval, he drove to the Margovyan Triangle headquarters, and on the way, he almost ran over a kid named Lavrenty Talnaev (Vasily Borisov), who also wants to serve Margovya in the war. He rides in with Timofey, and later on, they met other two kids in the Triangle, 12-year-old Gavril Pavlov (Yulian Markovsky), and 14-year-old Agustin Gorkovich (Boris Antayov). They eventually became best friends, and goes on different challenges together,


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