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Second German Confederation
Zweite Deutsche Bund
OTL equivalent: Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Stärke in der Einheit (German, Polish, Swedish, Danish, English, Yiddish)

Stockholm: Berlin
Largest city: Warsaw
Language: German, Polish, Swedish, Danish, English, Yiddish
Religion: Christian
Ethnic groups:
  others: Polish, Scandinavian, Russian
Demonym: German
Type of government: Presidential Dictatorship
Fritz Johannsen:
Population: 200,000,000 
Established: 1940
Independence: from 1941
  declared: 23rd January 1941
Annexation: to Federal Republic of Germany, Poland, Svea Rike
  date: 1983
Currency: Bundsmark
Calling code: +900
Organizations: Axis, League of Nations
Number of military personnel: 1.5 million Army, 92,000 airforce 102,000 Navy

What is it? Edit

The Second German Confederation was founded when the Axis and Allies had come to a treaty in 1940 due to the USA never getting involved in the war and both sides being to weak to fight each other after to attempts to invade the UK have failed but the UK had lost thousands of troops. This treaty had been in place for two days when Adolf Hitler died and the Nazis allowed a free election because they could not decide who should be the next leader. Fritz Johannsen, a German of Swedish descent, was elected. He united Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Poland,Lithuania, and what is left of the Third Reich to create the SGC. He is strongly Anti-Nazi and tears down Swastikas and closes concentration camps. The country was not fully united during his 6-year term, meaning that the country was plagued by revolts, seccessionist movements, military coups and strikes until 1947 and the creation of the State Parliament, along with the decision to devolve into a loose coalition of states. 

The SGC continued until 1983 when Britain, the USA and Canada declared war and it was destroyed.


Timeline Edit

This is an ongoing timeline

  • 12/06/40 :Hitler Dies after Rommel and Goering plant a bomb under his bed
  • 18/07/40 : The Treaty of Johnköpping is signed
  • 12/09/40: The Treaty of Copenhagen is signed and ratified by Germany, UK, Yemen, Free Poland, Sweden and others.

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