The United Socialist Federation of South Arabia is nation in 1986 when the People Democratic Republic of Yeman united with the People's republic of Oman. The Federation has been  fighting Islamic Insugents  since 2003


Communist uprisings hit Oman eurpted in Oman in 1962.. The communist captured Muscat in 1967.. The provincesv of  Al Batinah North ,Musandam nd Al Buraimi stayed free of communist control. and joined the United arba emirtait. Oman united with the Peoples of Yeman to form The  United solicalist federation of South Arabia is in 1976. They conquered North Yemen in 1979 because Saudi Arabia was busy dealing with uprising.  .In 2003  an islaimic insugence  borke out . The insurgence have been recevue aid from  sauid araiba sincce 2004.. South aribia started turn the tide in thier in 2007  with the help  north india but the insugetne regain the upehand in 2010. the situaiton is currnlty a stalemateGoldwind1 (talk) 22:21, October 7, 2014 (UTC)


The Party of South Arbia has very hard to industrialize  their country. They made some but not a lot of progress.So far South abrai has devopeled a modest glass,metal working leather  firearms and  food processing  sector. Thier biggest success as been the textile industry. The government of south  Arabia has been negotiting with india  for aide in starting an automotive industry


South Arbia is a single party marxist state with unverisal sufferage

international realtionshipsEdit

South arabia has close realtionships with Goa North India Kreela and Nepal. It has engaed with limited tatded with china since the 90's


Religon is outlawed but many citizens partice islam in sceart. Many devoted muslism have form jahdist groups to fight the comminst govermetn


Education is universla though highschool. The only univerity in the nation is the univerity of South Arabia in Aden.


South Arbai has a modest army and navy.Domestiacally produced firearem

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