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The battle of The battle of Great Bridge (March 5th, 1997 )


Great Bridge

UK commander

Colonel Paul Ian Tipsal

Federal commander

Lieutenant Samuel Starr.

UK forces

28 troopers, 1 (unused) Mk 19 40 mm grenade launcher and 1 Land Rover ‘defender’.

Federal forces

26 troopers and 1 Land Rover ‘defender’.


A heavy federal defeat


The battle of The battle of Wednesbury and Pleck (Mercia- UDI 1995) had caused some overspill which would resolved it’s self in Great Bridge North.

The battleEdit

It was a tough battle that lasted for about 6 hours in the overgrown ruins of the former Great Bridge North Station, which had closed in the mid 1960's.



The aftermathEdit

After the battle had ended 12 UK and 20 Federal soldiers were dead. The rebels began to doubt their chances of survival and started looking for a possible peace plan, via the Irish media firm RTE.

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