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The battle of Hinckley (March 1st, 1997)
Hinckley locator map.


In the Sky’s over Hinckley

UK commander

RAF Pilot Robert Hayes

Federal commander

Federal pilot Todd Burns.


6 F16s.

Federal Air Corps

6 F16s.


A Federal defeat


6 rebel F-4's took off on patrol from the mutinied RAF Codasll-Albrigton airfield, but RAF Shawbury launched 6 of their F-4's.

They flew in to Leicestershire during a hair-raising pursuit, circled Loughborough and then engaged in a 12 fighter-dogfight in the skies over Hinckley.

The battleEdit

The 6 rebel F-4's engaged in dogfight in the skies over Hinckley, and were shot down due to their
F4 shoot down

Rebel F-4 being shot down.

inadequate flight training. All 12 Federal aircrew ejected, and survived with slight wounds, and sent to a POW camp in May 1998.



The aftermathEdit

Rebel Air power remained grounded ever since.

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Also SeeEdit

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