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The battle of Smethwick (August 26-27th,1995)
Smethwick locator map



HJ malitia Comander

Hoodlem Johnny

Federal Comander

General Tammy Ajuwe and Steve Wells

HJ malitia

125 rioters and petrole bombs

Federal troops

35 troopers and 1 (unused) Brownng 0.50 caliber machine gun


A victory by Hoodlum Johnny


The local street-gang member come local warlord "Hoodlum Johnny" and his mob chose to take advantage of the chaos after the The battle of Smethwick Galton Bridge to try and carve out his own rebellious (and short lived) would-be city state, to be run by his and 2 other co-operating gangs. According to a RTE interview in 1999, his 7 motives were as follows-

  1. Better Music
  2. More jobs
  3. No more anti-youth stereotypes
  4. Cleaner busses
  5. Better youth clubs
  6. A new station at Winson Green comparable to the one at Smethwick Rolf Street
  7. End police bullying of youths
  8. Legalising marijuana.

The battleEdit

The riotus activty was located mostly located in Victoria park, Piddock Rd. and Crockets Lane, but also breifly hit parts of-

  • High St.
  • Regent St.
    Smethwick's rebel flag (Worcester-1996 UDI)

    The Smethwick rebels' flag.

  • Trinity St.
  • Coopers Lane
  • Firs Lane
  • Sandwell Colage grounds
  • Jase Close
  • Queens Close
  • Holly St
  • Regent St
  • Pool lane
  • Brook St

The 35 Federal troops chose to surrender controle of Sandwell Colage, rather than cause unessasery distress and trauma by usieng the .50 cal' machine gun on the mob.


It was, as most riots are, heavly dependent on hit and run tactics, street fighting and charging mobs.

The aftermathEdit

Sandwell Collage had remained virtually untouched and fell under the control of "Hoodlum Johnny". Part of it became his headquarters during his 9 month rebellion against both the government and sepratist forces.

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