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The battle of Smethwick Galton Bridge (August 25th, 1995)
Smethwick locator map


Smethwick Glalton Bridge

UK Comander

Lance Corporal Pieter Lowe

Federal Comander

General Tammy Ajuwe.

UK troops

17 troopers, 1 Brownng 0.50 caliber machine gun and 1 Mk 19 40 mm grenade launchers

Federal troops

19 troopers and 1 Brownng 0.50 caliber machine gun




The control of a strategic crossing over the Birmingham Navigation Canal.

The battleEdit

Despite the intense, hour, long battle, both the small detachments acheved nothing of a tactical or strategic nature. All the damage caused was, grenade blast damage to the bridge.


A UK sniper did manage to kill 2 rebel soldiers near the railway bridge.

The aftermathEdit

Smethwick Galton Bridge was heavly damaged and partly collapsed. The forces of the Hoodley Hoodlem Johnny took advatage of the stalemate and started a rebel in Smethwick. The rail bridge still stood, but remained unclaimed.

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