King Charles's daughter, 22 year old Steffie Mary Charlotte Anne Windsor has said she will become leader of both Scarboroughshire and the P.R.U.K. on King Charles's death or abdication and Geoff Hoon's death or retirement. She had written the book " 8 are folded in to 1" in 2009, promoting the political union of the states of Scarboroughshire, the P.R.U.K., Sussex, Wessex, Colwyn Bay, Lancashire, Cornwall, North Derbyshire and Buckinghamshire in to a single unitary state called "Nova-Britannia".

She also considered the wider growth of the perceived state with the addition of Central Northaptonshire, East Anglia, The S.L.R. Gloucester City, Chester City and Ayrshire further in to the future.


Nova-Britannia idea DD62


~(more to come)~

Political issuesEdit

TA62 A posible new UK parliment for 2013

Supposed 2013 Nova Britannia elections.

Critical acclaimEdit

Sales figuresEdit

1,500 editions have sold in Scarboughshire so far. A firther 4,000 sold in the PRUK and 458 editions sold in Lancashire as of date. 42 coppes have also been taken up over the last year in Bukinghamshire to.

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