This humour article is not supposed to be serious and is a joke!
Cessna172-CatalinaTakeOff Welcome to "The funnier side of Althist world" timeline !

This happy, humour article is not supposed to be serious and is a joke! It is supposed to take the rise out of some of the more daft TLs I've seen out there.
It is a comedic TL. It it congregated some map old games from here, added some spice in the gaps and dropped one or two gags in the 1990's at the other Althistroy wiki's comedic exspence, with a turn whit. Also watch out for E.T.' older and younger brothers to!

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Kings Norton Autumn

Kings Norton church is visited by the Pope on his 12 day tour of Worcestershire

  • The Ukraine, Central Asia Federation, Switzerland, Australasia and Scandinavia each build a moon base.
  • Russian oill drilling occers near Mycop, Stavrapol, Krasnordar, Kazan and Perm.
  • A roughly 1.5 meter in length poster of a Hello Kitty waving A HSBC debit card with "Shop 'til you drop!" written on it, was displayed on the floor of the US Senate by as a demonstration of extreme methods used by credit companies to attract "juvenile North American pacifists".
  • The famouse US actor, Dan Acroid, becomes the leader of the North America Space Program's 2005-2008 junior education project.


  • The Russian economy begins to recover as oil flows from new wells in Sakhalin Island, Chita Oblast, Krasnodar Obalst and around the city of Yakutsk.
  • Patricia Piccinini becomes Australia's culture minister.


E.T.'s older brother time warps 12 women 32 seconds in to there future and back again as a joke.


  • A Thai police officers who show up at work 3 minuets to late was forced to wear pink Hello Kitty outfit for several days as punishment.


  • Former UK PM Tony Blair writes a book about the 2004 France-German Field Hockey mach.
  • The 2012 London Olympics take place.


  • Anglia Mercal dies of cronic brain falier.
  • Former UK PM Tony Blair publishes a book about the 2004 France-German Field Hockey mach.
  • US Senator Byron Dorgan gets a job at the IMF.


  • Former UK PM Tony Blair gets the Nobel peace and literature prizes. The book is a global success.

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