The 70s is often what is spoken of as the start of the Second Technological Revolution, and what began the most basic of changes for technology and society.


The Automoblie is improved to the point to where it is equal to OTL 1950s levels. Many people wish to own one, and millions of people across the world soon got jobs making cars.


Cars become more common place, and the total number of cars in the world reaches five million. Factories everywhere are booming with the new demand for cars. Industrialization is speeding up everywhere.


The total number of cars world wide is 10 million, and it is estimated that 10 million people are employed thanks to Car Manufacturing and it's related industries. Great Britain is industrializing it's colonies, and South Africa is the center of the industrialization in the British Empire. Unfourtantly, rascism in the colony increases, and thousands of British citizens move into South Africa to try and get the resources there. Meanwhile, in South America, Brazil takes up a new industrialization plan and is trying to get as many factories set up as possible.


The total number of cars world wide is 20 million, and millions more get jobs. Thousands of British Settlers start taking land in South Africa, and Africans there are being driven out by British companies looking for resources. In South America, Brazil continues to industrialize, and has acounted for a large percentage of the increase in the number of cars. In America, the airplane is invented.


The total number of cars world wide is 35 million. More people are interest in airplanes, and many more wish to be able to one day fly. The First Commercial Air Flight is established between Washington D.C and Boston. It is estimated that in South Africa, all Africans have been driven out.


The total number of cars world wide is 50 million. Many people have set up Commercial Flights in their nation, but the US has the most. In South Africa, many African Refugees who had been driven out for resources came back and fought to regian their land, but lost horribly. They had poor weapons, and many went into battle empty handed, told to take weapons from the dead. The British soon began driving out Africans in other colonies, and France soon followed. In South America, Brazil continues to industrialize, and becomes the leader of Industrialization in South America.