Top Gear Margovya
Season 10
No. of Episodes 11
Original Run August 31, 2013; November 22, 2013 - January 24, 2014
Written by Yelizaveta Vulvanova
Directed by Marvik Vulvanov
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The tenth series of the car magazine show Top Gear Margovya began broadcast on Let's Talk Margovya on August 31, 2013, and ended on January 24, 2014 with a total of eleven episodes aired. The second part of the Pan-American Special aired ahead of the rest of the series, being broadcast alongside the grand finals' night of the thirty-fifth season of Svolochy Showdown on August 31, 2013, while the rest of the tenth series aired starting November 22, 2013 with ten more episodes expected. Aside from the second part of the Pan-American Special, the series featured another two-part special, called The Run Special. Initially, Let's Talk Margovya declared this season the final one unless the show reaches its target viewer count, however, due to the broadcast success of the Pan-American Special, Let's Talk Margovya decided to renew TGM's contract for another ten series.

Overall no. No. in series Reviews Guest Airdate
98 1 Maserati Quattroporte, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Bentley Arnage, Declasse Voodoo None August 31, 2013

Main Article: Top Gear Margovya: Pan-American Special

The second part of the Pan-American Special picks up where the first part left off, with Gavrina, Tanya, Maria, and Lev boarding the Turbo-Colon Ferry on its first ever journey. Unfortunately, the ferry service, while being the first to directly service Turbo, Colombia and Colon, Panama, does not really have the newest ferries, so the four of them have to share a single room. Also, they forgot to bring money to pay for the food being served onboard, so they hold a meeting around a table in the ferry's dining room while eating the last of their MREs where they decide how to manage to eat on the ferry without paying for the food. They eventually decide to become the ferry's house band for the duration of the journey, and instead of money, they get paid with free food courtesy of the ferry line. The girls, having done the same thing in the Russian Far East during the Russian Far East Special, are notably less enthusiastic with the performance than Lev.

99 2 Lubovenko Beauty, Ford Focus, Khristenko D-oomsday, Yakovich WWZ, Lubovenko Desperation Megan Young November 22, 2013
Introduction: The four kick off the tenth series by having prepared a special performance by Tanya for her birthday celebration. Also, they also announce that they were "forced" to celebrate Beauty Awareness Week in Margovya, with Maria remarking "Thanks a lot, Hafim!", and that because of this, everything that they will do is related to beauty, including their Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment.

Main Review: Tanya reviews the Lubovenko Beauty, which, according to her, would actually win all Big Four International Beauty Pageants for Margovya had it become a real woman. It has a top speed of 352 kilometers per hour, an acceleration of 0 to 60 in 4.1 s, and perfect in handling. She introduces the new Pimp, which she calls "Pimp 2.0" for his "improved" personality and attitude, which was given to them this time by the fifth Interceptor. The new Pimp drove the Beauty around the Top Gear Margovya test track, which posted a lap time of 1:16.6.

News: No car-related news for today, instead they discussed the newest list of the Top 100 Greatest Actors/Actresses of All Time in Margovya, in which they all took a spot, with Maria ending up on the sixty-fourth spot, Tanya placing at number forty-five, Gavrina making the top twenty, and with Lev being one spot behind the Top Ten. When the girls complain about how Lev is placed higher than great actors like Baba Filitov (19), Marko Mendayov (15), Susana Bulshitova (12), Matvey Rasapinsky (16), and them obviously, Lev suddenly makes an ambiguous statement, saying "Oh, you've always liked me on top anyway"

Challenge: As part of their celebration of Beauty Awareness Week, the four were tasked to modify a car of their choice from the exterior to the interior and enter them in a Car Beauty Pageant. Maria buys a Ford Focus, Gavrina brings her Khristenko D-oomsday (as to make it not look like threatening about the end of the world), Tanya buys a Yakovich WWZ ("Even though Lev used it to hurt my guitar"), while Lev brings his Lubovenko Desperation, which earned even more ridicule from the girls, with Gavrina going as far as saying "Looks like you're getting more and more desperate!" After they got their cars, they started modifying the interiors first. Tanya increased the WWZ's speed to make it go 382 kilometers per hour at top speed, improved its tires, handling, and added more nitro, while she increased the acceleration from 4.1 to 3.0 s from 0 to 60. Meanwhile, Maria improved the brakes of her Focus, and improved its tires as well. She focused more on the drifting abilities of the car, while she tuned the engine to go only 354 kilometers per hour. Gavrina on the other hand tuned her D-oomsday to go a "fast" 419 kilometers per hour at top speed and focused more on the nitro, suspension and handling, while ignoring the tires, brakes and its weight of about 5,000 kilograms. On the other hand, Lev is becoming more desperate in modifying his Desperation, as his attempts to make it better only makes it worse. The result, the Desperation now increased its weight from 1,400 kg to 4,100 kg, its brakes now hard to control, its handling poorer, and its drifting horrible, although its top speed increased to a "magnificent" 437 kilometers per hour and its acceleration at a "staggering" 2.6 s from 0 to 60. Meanwhile, on the exteriors of the car, Tanya paints her WWZ light blue and painted images of Roland Tidzhomov's face and "private parts" all over the car, much to the ire of Maria. Gavrina on the other hand painted her D-oomsday yellow, and was supposed to paint the Top Gear Margovya logo across the right side of the car, however, she saw Lev take off his clothes while working on his car, and so Gavrina painted a full body picture of Lev naked by mistake. Meanwhile, Maria painted her Focus light orange, and painted full body pictures of some of her crushes, the list including Hafimwahlid Talnaev, her husband Roland, and Gennady Elemat. Lev tried to use the same distraction he did to Gavrina on Maria, however, Maria threw a whole bucket of paint on Lev's face. Meanwhile, in order to not make his car look "too desperate", Lev paints his Desperation red, and tried to paint full body pictures of Tanya, Gavrina and Maria in bikini outfits, however, he painted a naked full body picture of Conrada Cortesova by mistake. After they modified their chosen cars, they prepare for the second part of the challenge, which is the pageant itself, after another segment.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Filipina beauty queen and Miss World 2013 titleholder Megan Young sits down with Lev and talks about her early life, her acting career and the Miss World 2013, which won her the crown for the Philippines for the first time. She also talks about the controversies regarding her victory in the pageant, and about then people who criticizes her and questions her victory in the Miss World. Before Young did her lap, Lev's lap around the track was shown to finally introduce him as a permanent presenter of the show. Lev posts a lap time of 1:42.06 in the Innova with Gavrina in the passenger seat, and Tanya and Maria at the back, a bit slower than his lap as the Pimp did around the track. After Lev's lap, the new Pimp's lap around the track in the Innova was shown next, recording a lap time of 1:38.74. Young herself drives around the track in 1:54.7.

Challenge Part 2: With Gavrina having painted clothes on Lev's full body naked painting and with Lev having replaced Cortesova's naked picture with the Top Gear Margovya logo, the quartet finally proceeded to the actual car beauty pageant, in which the winner will receive m500,000 which will go to a charity foundation of their choice to be given to the victims of typhoon "Haiyan" or "Yolanda" in the Philippines. After they made their grand entrance, which includes doing a full lap around the test track, and then getting out of the car in the most stylish way possible, like in a real beauty pageant, and introducing themselves, the panel of judges was introduced, which consist of executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova, Megan Young, and Arya Nukova, who won when Cars of Margovya did a car beauty pageant back in 2003. To be able to prove that their cars are undeniably beautiful, they go through different tests, which consist of:

  • Appearance Test: The Pimp will take pictures of the car from all angles, and the judges will review them in order to give their decisions on the cars when it comes to external beauty. Scores - Kalinina: ??-??-9; Kumilyova: ??-10-??; Atolova: 9-??-??; Arigov: ??-??-??.
  • Performance Test: The quartet will now test the speed and fuel economy of their cars by driving them five laps around the track. During the lap, the judges will also look for problems in handling, drifting, and driver performance. Results (Scores) - Kalinina: 5:24.72; 1.92 liters (??-9-??); Kumilyova: 4:40:74; 1.45 L (10-??-??); Atolova: 6:50.76; 1.65 L (??-??-??); Arigov: 7:07.72; 2.45 L (??-??-8).
  • Talent Portion: The four will now test their abilities and talents by doing any kind of performance while driving at top speed. A security camera will be installed somewhere inside the car so that the judges may be able to see what the presenter is doing. Tanya performs her own version of "Wrecking Ball" while driving her WWZ, even while licking the steering wheel and taking off her top shirt. Gavrina performs her own version of "Come And Get It" while inside of her D-oomsday. Maria performs her own version of "Skyscraper" while driving her Focus, however, when she got to the high-pitched part, the camera in her car almost broke. Lev on the other hand performed his own version of "Gentleman" while "desperately" driving his Desperation, while "harassing" the steering wheel and licking the camera in front of him. Scores - Kalinina: 9-??-??; Kumilyova: ??-??-??; Atolova: ??-??-10; Arigov: ??-8-??.
  • Question-and-Answer Portion: The quartet will now be given a random question, which they will answer while driving around the track. The four gracefully answered the questions, and patiently waited for the results. Scores - Kalinina: ??-??-??; Kumilyova: ??-??-9; Atolova: ??-10-??; Arigov: 9-??-??.

After some time, the results were released, and the winner is announced. Based on their performances in the pageant, the results were:

Appearance Test
Contestant Yelizaveta Megan Arya Average
Tanya Kalinina 10 9 9 9.33
Gavrina Kumilyova 10 10 9 9.67
Maria Atolova 9 10 8 9.00
Lev Arigov 9 9 9 9.00
Performance Test
Contestant Yelizaveta Megan Arya Average
Tanya Kalinina 10 9 10 9.67
Gavrina Kumilyova 10 10 9 9.67
Maria Atolova 9 8 9 8.67
Lev Arigov 9 8 8 8.33
Talent Portion
Contestant Yelizaveta Megan Arya Average
Tanya Kalinina 9 9 9 9.00
Gavrina Kumilyova 9 8 9 8.67
Maria Atolova 10 10 10 10.00
Lev Arigov 9 8 7 8.00
Q&A Portion
Contestant Yelizaveta Megan Arya Average
Tanya Kalinina 10 9 10 9.67
Gavrina Kumilyova 9 10 9 9.33
Maria Atolova 9 10 9 9.33
Lev Arigov 9 9 9 9.00
Final Scoreboard
Contestant Appearance Performance Talent Q&A Average Final Remarks
Tanya Kalinina 9.33 9.67 9.00 9.67 9.42 WINNER
Gavrina Kumilyova 9.67 9.67 8.67 9.33 9.33 First Runner-Up
Maria Atolova 9.00 8.67 10.00 9.33 9.25 Second Runner-Up
Lev Arigov 9.00 8.33 8.00 9.00 8.58 Third Runner-Up

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: Right after Tanya's performance of "Wrecking Ball" at the beginning of the episode for her birthday performance, her wrecking ball suddenly "spinned out of control" while she was riding in it, while Gavrina tries to "stop" the ball from spinning by hitting it with Tanya's guitar.

Trivia: Conrada Cortesova shoots a few scenes as the Fifth Interceptor in which he/she gave Pimp 2.0 to the presenters.

Trivia Question: The Top Gear Margovya Trivia Question is the latest addition to Top Gear Margovya's outrageous lineup of unbelievable reviews, intolerable challenges, nosebleeding news, and stupefying stars in the Reasonably Priced Car, even though it is shown only at the end of the episode, and the winner will be announced in the next episode, and this winner will be given a random award. This episode's question: "Megan Young is Miss World 2013, and a judge in this episode's Car Beauty Pageant. But who among these is not one of the other judges? A. Yelizaveta Vulvanova, B. Conrada Cortesova, C. Arya Nukova?" (Answer: B) The lucky winner will get a Top Gear Margovya Series 9 DVD autographed by the four presenters and Young.

100 3 Yakovich P-uevskaya, Yakovich X4, Joylong Majestic, Andropov K-tolov, Khristenko A1 Terentiy Nakhimov November 29, 2013
Introduction: The girls (and boy) declare that Top Gear Margovya is now celebrating its one hundredth episode, and started reminiscing about their past episodes, even including the episode wherein TGM almost got cancelled when Gavrina drove a car through the Margovyan Palace, with Gavrina remarking that "[she] and Gennady had some business afterwards anyway". When asked where, Gavrina replied that it was in room 669 of Hotel Sogov Arbatskaya City a top secret location.

Main Review: Lev reviews the Yakovich P-uevskaya, and comments that this car was his very first car, the same day he first made out with Yordana Puevskaya. The P-uevskaya has a top speed of 375 kilometers per hour, and has a 0 to 60 time of 3.4 seconds. The Pimp drives the P-uevskaya around the test track and posts a lap time of 1:19.3.

News: Gavrina announces that the fourth batch of Top Gear Margovya merchandise is finally out in the market, including the newest batch of TGM T-shirts, with pics of Lev, Gavrina, Maria or Tanya and the titles of their respective songs imprinted on it. Tanya announces that she has just bought a Yakovich X5, and yet another computer malfunction occurred, so Tanya got the car for only 5,200 margots instead of 5.2 million. Lev announces that he has just sold six of his Lubovenko Desperations for only 500,000 margots each, and the money will go the the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The release of the Turbo and Sport versions of the Yakovich U-Shut up, Lubovenko Beauty, Khristenko D-oomsday and Yakovich WWZ were discussed. Tanya was going to play the official trailer for Lev and Gavrina's upocming movie, Vegetables on a Wedding, however, she accidentally on purpose played a controversial video of Lev and Gavrina "swallowing" and "tampering" each other with inside the restroom of a local bar somewhere in Oriondovich, Pontival.

Challenge: In celebration of Top Gear Margovya's one hundredth episode, the quartet are asked to drive one hundred laps around the 3.5-kilometer Top Gear Margovya test track, however, they have to pick a car out of only four selected cars: the Andropov K-tolov, Yakovich X4, Joylong Majestic and Khristenko A1. Maria immediately takes the K-tolov, Lev takes the Majestic, remarking that "it suits [his] long vegetables"; Tanya takes the X4, while poor Gavrina's stuck with the A1. The quartet will not race around the track; they will go there one by one. Tanya went one hundred laps in 1:51:12 with the Yakovich X4; Lev makes the challenge in 1:57:15 with the Joylong Majestic; Maria does the hundred laps in 1:54:45 with the Andropov K-tolov, while Gavrina makes a slow 2:27:06 with the Khristenko A1.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Margovyan painter and now-actor Terentiy Nakhimov finally makes his comeback in Top Gear Margovya after ninety-eight episodes. He sits down with Gavrina and talks about his success in painting, and his sudden transition in acting, including his first movie role, the 2010 film Looking at Love the Wrong Way, alongside Boris Sorbariyev, Boris Yazenev and Yordana Puevskaya. Nakhimov drives around the test track in 1:57.6.

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: While doing the one hundred laps around the track challenge, Gavrina bangs around Tanya's guitar anywhere in her A1 whilst cursing Tanya herself for leaving her with one of her most hated cars.

Trivia Question: Gavrina is an admitted hater of the boy band A1, and the Khristenko A1 has sufffered from her ire. But which of these is not a real Khristenko car? A. A999, B. G50, C. S6969" (Answer: C) The winner will get the unrated and uncut Lev/Gavrina sex video in Lev's mansion an authentic copy of the Terentiy Nakhimov painting Oh, Dear Merciful God, Please Explain to Me the Madness of This World.

101 4 Yakovich X5, Toyota Corolla Altis, Chevrolet Camaro, Yakovich U, Peel P50 Martin Johnson December 6, 2013
Introduction: The presenters announce that they are dedicating this episode to Paul Walker, the actor who was famous for the Fast and the Furious movies, after which the camera pans to Tanya, who was crying loudly, not because she is saddened by the death of Walker (she is, though), but rather because Roland Tidzhomov "broke up" with her the night prior. The presenters then began discussing about the circumstances leading to Walker's death, up to and going as far as Gavrina saying that she had "business" with Walker the night before the accident.

Main Review: For the moment she has been waiting for, Maria finally gets to review the Yakovich X5, the newest model of the Yakovich X series, which has been proven to be the best car ever made by Anton Yakovich to date. It has a top speed of 439 kilometers per hour, has a 0 to 60 time of about only 2.75 seconds, enhanced tires, perfect handling, and a light weight of only 908.867 kilograms. The Pimp (Introduction by Gavrina: "Some say that he watches The Fast and the Furious a lot, and that he's looking forward for the upcoming release of the movie 377 kph, but all we know is that, he's Pimp 2.0!"), who, instead of a gas mask, wore a Paul Walker mask on his face, drove the X5 around the test track, where it posted a lap time of an incredible 1:08.75, making the X5 the fastest car ever tested, and the first car to have ever gone around the track in less than seventy seconds.

Challenge: Before the presenters kick off with the segment, they wanted to relive the memory of Paul Walker by playing a clip from the film 2 Fast 2 Furious in which Walker's character drives his car in reverse as fast as he could in a busy highway. In a nod to that, the presenters were asked to drive a car in reverse along a twenty-kilometer freeway. Tanya picks her Toyota Altis, Gavrina chooses her Chevrolet Camaro, Maria buys herself a Yakovich U for the challenge, and Lev looks in his stock of Peel P50's to be sold for charity money, and picks one of them. However, as the race starts, Lev realizes that the P50 has no reverse gear, and he therefore pushed his car backwards throughout the whole race, with the help of the Pimp, though, while the girls began reversing their cars, and even shifting their cars' reverse gears. However, despite having to push the P50, Lev won the race, and later it was revealed that someone sabotaged the girls' fuel stock prior to the race, which explained why Lev won the race.

News: Before the presenters start with the segment, they play more clips from the Fast and the Furious series, one of which was from 2 Fast, in which Paul Walker's character drives a car at top speed whilst staring at Eva Mendes's character (plus an accompanying video clip of Lev attempting to do the stunt back in 2004 to impress Gavrina, but ends up hitting a big tree along 8th Avenue). The presenters announce their still ongoing support for the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, with Lev commenting that they should stop doing charity works any moment, else one of them might be taken away next. Maria announces that executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova has just donated her condoms 1 million margots from her sold condoms to the victims of the typhoon. Lev announces that Vegetables on a Wedding has just aired in theaters, and is an early success. Tanya announces that the official trailer for the upcoming movie 377 kph, which was mainly inspired by the Fast and the Furious movies and the Need For Speed video game series, was already released. Gavrina was about to show the trailer for the said film, however, in retaliation for what Tanya did last week, she accidentally on purpose played a controversial video of Lev and Tanya doing some business behind some bushes along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway, somewhere between Llamadovskaya, Pontival and Alakdanovich, Quintin del Pan.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: American singer-songwriter and Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson makes his grand return as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, the first time a foreign celebrity has ever returned to the show after a previous guesting. Johnson sits down with Gavrina and talks about updates in his career, and the recent success of Boys Like Girls' third studio album, Crazy World. Right after the main interview, Gavrina and Johnson began talking about their favorite scenes in the Fast and the Furious movies, with Johnson saying that he's also looking forward for the release of 377 kph. Since this episode is a tribute to Paul Walker, Johnson was allowed to use the Yakovich X5 around the track before his official timed lap, in which he posted a lap time of 1:16.74. In his timed lap in the Innova, Johnson posted a lap time of 1:38.75, one millisecond behind the Pimp's 1:38.74.

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: While doing the lap in the X5, Johnson suddenly noticed Tanya's guitar in the backseat, so he placed it into the pedals and stepped on it as he floored up.

Trivia: During the end credits, everyone in the cast and crew had their first names replaced with Paul, in memory of Paul Walker (examples like Paul Kumilyova, Paul Kalinina, Paul Atolova, Paul Arigov, Paul Vulvanova and Paul Pimp). Martin Johnson was the only exception, but he agreed to be credited as Martin Paul Johnson.

Trivia Question: This episode is dedicated to the memory of Paul Walker, star of the Fast and the Furious franchise. But what made Tanya very emotional during the episode introduction? A. Her breakup with Roland Tidzhomov, B. Paul Walker's death, C. The commercial failure of her cover of Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball (Answer: A) The lucky winner will get a box set containing all of the six Fast and Furious movies, autographed by the franchise's cast members.

102-103 5-6 Audi A1, Nissan 370Z, Pagani Huayra, Lubovenko Desperation None December 13/20, 2013
Main Article: Top Gear Margovya: The Run Special

The girls (and boy) announce that they are in London, United Kingdom to participate in a massive street race called "The Run", a race challenge organized by "some car magazine show in London" as their own version of the 2011 Need For Speed installment, Need for Speed: The Run. The race would cover about 11,400 kilometers of track from London to Anadyr, Russia, and whoever arrives at Anadyr first will receive a grand prize of $50,000,000, and since the presenters are running out of money to be given to charity foundations, they decided to race with other professionals and get that money.

To start off, the presenters have to get a car of their choice and use them as their official vehicles for the race. Tanya gets a Nissan 370 Z, Lev takes the Lubovenko Desperation he used in the Car Beauty Pageant, Maria takes her Pagani Huayra, while Gavrina forgot to bring a car, so she went to a car dealer in London to buy herself one, but they ran out of stock, so Gavrina was stuck with the Audi A1. However, when they were about to start the race, Maria went to the bathroom to relieve herself before the race starts when Gavrina "snatched" her Huayra and replaced it with the A1.

To enter the race, they must head on to the English channel, where twenty-five ferries that can hold exactly thirty cars each are waiting for them, meaning that only 750 racers can be accommodated in the race. Tanya was the first of the presenters to arrive at the channel, placing 697th and being accommodated in Ferry # 24. Gavrina arrives at Top 707 and was also accommodated in the twenty-fourth ferry. Maria arrives next, at Top 743 and boarded on the last ferry, while Lev came in last, not only among the presenters, but among the other racers, as he came in at Top 750 and was the last one to board the last ferry. While boarded on the ferry, Tanya and Gavrina discussed on how they are going to beat the other racers before they race among themselves onto the finish line in Anadyr. On the other hand, Maria and Lev once again forgot to bring money to pay for their food in the ferry, and obviously they can't perform as a house band, as Tanya and Gavrina are boarded in another ferry and can't join them. So, what they did was to perform as dancers, although their dances are more like that of strippers (even including a part where Lev wore only underwear and danced Gentleman while Maria, in her "torn-but-surprisingly-seductive" underwear, did a twerk). This was proven effective, although Maria was taken to bed by some other racers afterwards.

As their respective ferries arrived at their first race point somewhere in France, the racers began starting their engines and going as fast as they can. The trip to Anadyr is divided into nine stages, and each stage is composed of about four to seven challenges each, totaling fifty challenges overall. While inside the ferries, two electronic signboards were placed in each of the cars, one on top of the vehicle and one inside the car, below the dashboard, so that the racer can keep track of his/her position in the race. When the racer is eliminated, his/her rank board is automatically disabled, notifying him/her that he/she is out of the race. A speaker is also installed in each of the racers' cars, so that they may get the full details of each challenge.

For Part One of the Run Special, the presenters will take on twenty-seven challenges over five stages:

Stage 1

  • Race 1: A few seconds after the last of the ferries arrived in Calais, France, their first challenge was announced. They have to drive a total of about 150 kilometers to Brussels, Belgium, and that 730 racers have to arrive at the checkpoint before the next race starts. This race was uneventful for the presenters, as this was only the first challenge. Tanya finishes at Top 684, Gavrina makes it at Top 698, Lev makes the Top 730, while Maria comes in late at Top 739.
  • Race 2: After the first 730 racers have crossed the checkpoint in Brussels, the second race is announced. The racers are asked to travel to Cologne, Germany. This is a make-up race, so no there is no quota, however, there is a time limit of fifty minutes to complete this 165-kilometer challenge, so a racer may rise up, fall down or stay in their respective ranks after the challenge. Gavrina moves up one notch to 697, Lev moves up a notch as well, while Maria moves three notches up to Top 736. Tanya stays at her current position at 684.
  • Race 3: After exactly fifty minutes, the third challenge was announced. The racers have to drive another hundred kilometers to Berlin, Germany, wherein the quota is 719 racers. Tanya arrives at Top 675, Gavrina arrives at Top 687, Lev makes it in Top 709, while Maria still lags behind at 720.
  • Race 4: After 719 racers have checked in at Berlin, the fourth challenge is announced. They now have to get out of Germany and drive at least 175 kilometers to Poznan, Poland, and at least 707 racers have to get to the checkpoint, before the first elimination race starts. Because the racers are not allowed to take breaks during the race (they may take one, but at their own risk, as the race continues even though they are taking their own breaks), and legal breaks may only be taken after each stage, the presenters are getting exhausted and drowsy as they fight the fourth battle against other racers. However, Tanya managed to climb fifteen ranks to Top 660 whilst singing "The Climb" during the race, Gavrina manages to climb fifteen ranks as well, to the 672nd spot, and Lev relieves himself with fifteen cups of coffee and also inches up fifteen spots to Top 694. However, Maria, feeling very drowsy by that time, takes her own break and checks in a local hotel in Warsaw, Poland. However, after she checks out to get back in the race, her car was already trashed, so she had to have it repaired in a nearby mechanic, however, the mechanic said that her car might be fixed in about four hours, so she took her rank board from the top of her car and literally ran the rest of the track to Poznan. After running about forty-eight kilometers, her car was already fixed and she got back into the race, however, when she arrived at Poznan, she was already in the 725th position.
  • Race 5: For the first elimination challenge, the racers are asked to drive about 220 kilometers of track to Kaliningrad, Russia, with Tanya commenting that her own land will never let her down, with only 695 racers being accepted. Since this is an elimination challenge, all racers who will fall below Top 695 will be eliminated from the run. Because the other three presenters are above Rank 695 before the challenge started, they did not need much effort to move up the ranks. Tanya moves up thirteen notches to Top 647, Gavrina climbs up to Top 661, while Lev goes all the way to Top 683, while poor Maria has to climb thirty spots in order to not be eliminated from the race. Sadly, she is about three kilometers from the checkpoint in Kaliningrad when the 695th racer crosses the finish line, so she got eliminated at Top 701.

After each stage, the remaining racers will be given six hours to take a break, get some sleep, fill their cars with gas, eat, or even make out, and during this break, racers are not allowed to get back in the race, else it will be regarded as cheating and violators will be disqualified from the race. The first six-hour break was uneventful for Lev and Gavrina, but while checking in to some hotel in Kaliningrad, Tanya accidentally meets Roland, who is also a racer in the run, the first time she met him after their "break-up" during Paul Walker's special tribute episode. First, they talked about their break-up, until it resulted into a physical fight, and after a few minutes their fight was immediately uploaded in YouTube for Lev, Gavrina and Maria to see. However, before their six hours is up, Roland gives Tanya a box of chocolates as a peace offering. A few minutes later, their six-hour break has lapsed, and all racers are called to get back in the race.

Stage 2

  • Race 6: The remaining 695 racers are now asked to leave Russia temporarily and drive to Vilnius, Lithuania and arrive at Top 675. For this challenge, Lev and Tanya went on fire, with Tanya climbing twenty-six ranks to Top 621, and Lev advancing thirty-three ranks to Top 650, while Gavrina only went sixteen places up to Top 645 due to numerous handsome opponents she was staring at throughout the drive to Vilnius.
  • Race 7: Another make-up time challenge will be given to the racers, as now they have to drive about two hundred five kilometers to Minsk, Belarus, in a time limit of one hour and eight minutes. After the sixty-eight minutes is up, Tanya makes two more spots to 619th, Gavrina stayed at Top 645, while Lev unfortunately falls two notches below, ending up at Top 652.
  • Race 8: The racers will now return to Russia, but this time, for a longer stay, as they will now be entering mainland Russia. For the next race, they will now be asked to drive another two hundred kilometers to Smolensk, Russia and arrive at Top 648. Gavrina, who stared and drooled at more handsome and hot opponents during the race, only advanced seventeen places to Top 628, and Lev, feeling drowsy once again, managed to climb twenty-two places to Top 630, while Tanya, a few kilometers from the border of Belarus and Russia, started experiencing "the runs". At first, she thought it was just a minor frequency in her stomach, but while inching to Smolensk, it was confirmed that she has wet food in her intestines. She immediately checked Roland's "peace offering" chocolates for the expiry date, and it read "21 DEC 1992". Because of this extremely disturbing sensation, Tanya's performance for this race is relatively poor, arriving at Top 605.
  • Race 9: The racers continue their conquest in mainland Russia, as they are now told to head to the country's capital, Moscow, to arrive at Top 632. Tanya, feeling a bit better after doing some business in a gas station in Smolensk, advances eighteen spots to Top 587, while Lev, after taking some more coffee to wake him up, advances seventeen spots to Rank 613, now exactly behind Gavrina, who arrived at Top 612.
  • Race 10: Another make-up race is given to the racers to give them more chances and a little break. For this checkpoint challenge, they must drive at least 265 kilometers to Ivanovo, Russia within one hour and forty-five minutes. Tanya uses part of this time to do some "business" in another gas station in Ivanova. However, after she got back in her car, her radio was already "fixed" to play only Conrada Cortesova versions of songs like My Heart Will Go On, Through the Fire and Skyscraper, making her drop two places to Top 589. Meanwhile, since Lev was already exactly behind Gavrina, the two started bumping each other's cars, overtaking some of the opponents in the process. However, after the time is up, Gavrina is at the 609th spot, while Lev is at Top 611.
  • Race 11: For the second elimination challenge in the race, the racers are now asked to drive about 220 kilometers to Nizhniy Novgorov, and only the first 608 racers will be allowed to take the next stage. Because they are stuck battling each other, Lev and Gavrina did not notice that they have been overtaking a lot of opponents already, with Gavrina ending up at Top 585, and Lev already ahead of her, arriving at Top 584. Meanwhile, on the approach to Nizhniy, Tanya suddenly encounters Roland in the road, and in retaliation for what he did to her, Tanya spun Roland's car out of control, making him get eliminated in the challenge, while Tanya, despite of her diarrhea getting more intense, finishes at Top 578.</li> </ul> During the second six-hour break, Roland suddenly goes by to where Tanya is taking her break (in the girls' restroom of a gas station in Nizhniy Novgorov) and apologizes to her, letting off a romantic and emotional reconciliation between the two. Tanya and Roland shared a passionate kiss, only to be caught by Maria, who unexpectedly traveled to Russia after she got eliminated, in the act. The fight between Tanya and Maria that inevitably followed was only broken up when at least thirty of the remaining racers barged in to the restroom and stopped the two. Meanwhile, Lev and Gavrina, after their "bloody" battle between Smolensk and Nizhniy, decided to "take a break" inside of a local hotel in Nizhniy. However, they did not notice that their hotel room door was left open when they took their break, so other racers who were also checked in the hotel took videos of Lev and Gavrina making out.

Stage 3

  • Race 12: After this epic six-hour break, the remaining six hundred eight racers finally got back into the race and were told to drive at least 240 kilometers to Kazan, Russia and arrive at rank 583. Tanya, whose diarrhea has gone even worse, only took up nine slots and ended up at Top 569, being overtaken by Gavrina and Lev, who arrived at Top 565 and 558, respectively.
  • Race 13: After 583 racers have crossed the line at Kazan, the racers are now told to head to Naberezhnyye Chelniy for another make-up challenge. They will drive at least 145 kilometers and they have a time limit of forty-eight minutes. Tanya, now getting desperate to not fall below the benchmark, started defecating inside her car, picking up her excrements and throwing them atthe racers behind her, hitting them in the windshield, making them lose ground from her. However, despite her efforts to not let her opponents overtake her, Tanya still falls two notches below, ending up at Rank 571. Meanwhile, an opponent from behind shoots Lev's rear right wheel, making him lose two spots to Top 560 and making him have to vulcanize his car, else he might not make the mountain challenge. Meanwhile Gavrina advanced one spot to Top 564 at the end of the race.
  • Race 14: On the approach to the Asian Russia or Siberia, the racers would now have to drive about two hundred kilometers to Ufa and arrive at Rank 568 to prepare themselves for the mountain challenge. Due to Lev having to vulcanize his car to make the mountain challenge, he once again fell behind Gavrina, with Gavrina finishing at Top 551 and Lev ending up at Top 552. On the other hand, try as she may, Tanya just can't drive as fast as she can, due to her diarrhea nearing its limit. However, she did advance six spaces to Top 565 and thought she can survive the mountain challenge.
  • Race 15: This challenge will really test the racers' skills, as well as Tanya's bowel movement control, as they have to drive more than 350 kilometers from Ufa until they reach a checkpoint somewhere near the summit of the Ural Mountains near Yekaterinburg, and only 540 racers will advance to Stage 4. Gavrina, after finding a picture of Gennady Elemat on her dashboard, became inspired to continue the race, and took a large forty-six spots to Top 505, while Lev, despite having his rear right wheel shot, managed to make the Top 540, leading by a very close 0.02 seconds from the 541st racer, thereby requiring the organizers to replay the race in slow motion in order to determine Lev as the 540th racer. Meanwhile, Tanya thought that she may actually make the top 540, especially when she placed 526th on the approach to the mountain. However, when she was nearing the mountain's summit, her diarrhea has come to its worst, and to top it off, there are no restrooms; the next one is at the checkpoint, about fifty more kilometers away. So what she did was to do her business by the sidewalk of the mountain, not really noticing (or caring about) numerous opponents passing by her (and taking pictures of her). After she has done her business (and was temporarily relieved), she got back to the race, only to find out that she is now back at Top 565, so she sped up the rest of the way to the checkpoint, however, her rank board was disabled when she was only about fifteen kilometers to the end of the race, getting eliminated at Rank 554, with Lev and Gavrina among the presenters remaining in the race. After her rank board went off, Tanya took her guitar, which was "safely" kept under the backseat, got out of her car, shouted "F*CK THIS!!!", and threw her guitar in the air to be blown away by the cold wind, with no one knowing (yet) where it went.

This six-hour break was the coldest break for all of the racers (as well as those who got eliminated while nearing the summit), as they areon the summit of a mountain. Tanya, after getting eliminated from the race, went back to Nizhniy Novgorov and met up with Roland and again did some business, of course, whilst avoiding Maria's "wrath". Meanwhile, Gavrina, having fourteen opponents ending up in the same area as her, joined her opponents in a group sharing around a bonfire, in which everyone gathered would have to share a personal experience or something. On the other hand, Lev is seen at a hotel room sleeping with at least twelve female opponents. after this cold break, the remaining 540 racers were called to get back in the race.

Stage 4

  • Race 16: At the beginning of the fourth stage, the racers are to do a thirty-two-kilometer make-up race until the Yekaterinburg approach. Gavrina advances two spots to Top 503, while Lev suddenly had an energy boost after his multiple-women business and advanced six spots to Top 534.
  • Race 17: After a long day's chillin', the racers will now be asked to leave the Ural mountains and continue their saga across Siberia. They now have to drive about 200 kilometers down the mountain and past Yekaterinburg, and arrive at least Top 507 and to top it off, a couple (and by couple, they meant hundreds) of police cars will be intervening with the race in an attempt to stop it. While Lev is an adept in cop chases ('cause he has been to many), he advanced twenty-two spots to rank 512, while Gavrina, admitting that she is not that good when cops interrupt, and even admitting that she quits her Need For Speed game and start over everytime she sees cops going her way, only takes up three spots to Rank 500.
  • Race 18: The cop chase continues as the racers drive another 200 kilometers to Omsk and go for the 497-place quota. Lev once again uses his cop chase adept prowess and advanced to Top 496, while Gavrina starts to overcome her fear of cop chases and goes up seventeen notches to Rank 483.
  • Race 19: When the racers have temporarily lost the cops, they were now ask to drive another fifty kilometers past Omsk for another make-up challenge, and they must do this in only eighteen minutes. Because there are no cops, Gavrina easily took up six spots to Top 477, while Lev only advanced two spots to Top 494.
  • Race 20: For the hardest part of both the racers' and cops' life in the fourth stage of the run, they now have to drive to downtown Novosibirsk, Russia, and arrive at Top 475, else they will be eliminated. And to top it off, there are now at least three hundred police cars trying to stop the race. Lev, still uses his "mad" cop-chase skills, finishes with pride at Top 468, while Gavrina, after her "devastating" encounter with the cops (even almost getting busted and wrecked), got her vision messed up and thought that she ended up at rank 476 and even wondered why her rank board hasn't shut down yet. However, she realized that it was 467 and not 476, and still headed for the checkpoint, where a barricade of cops are waiting. When the 475th racer crosses the finish line, he deliberately took down all cops, thereby ending the massive cop chase, much to the relief of Gavrina, who was worried that she might not take another stage had the cop chase continued.

With Lev and Gavrina once again at consecutive ranks with each other, they once again checked into a hotel in Novosibirsk and made out while Gavrina brought her car to a nearby mechanic to fix it. Meanwhile, back at Nizhniy Novgorov, Tanya has finally got rid of her diarrhea and went back to business with Roland, when, once again, they were caught by Maria. After another six hours, the remaining 475 racers were called back in the race.

Stage 5

  • Race 21: After that tiring cop chase and after taking their breaks, the remaining 475 racers got back in the race, and to embark on a long journey for the fifth stage. They had to drive to Krasnoyarsk and have to arrive at Top 450. Gavrina, now back to her normal driving mode, advances twenty-seven places to Top 440, while Lev, now encountering hot girls in the way, started driving in relax mode, although he still goes up twenty-four notches to Top 444.
  • Race 22: For the first time in Top Gear Margovya: The Run, the racers are now allowed to use any route they want, provided that they get to the next checkpoint about two hundred kilometers away at Top 437. Gavrina finds a portrait this time of Zydrunas Tamolevicius and advanced to Rank 421, while Lev still trails behind Gavrina, finishing at Top 425.
  • Race 23: For their next challenge, the racers will have to drive another hundred kilometers onto Irkutsk approach in a make-up challenge, for which thirty-five minutes must be enough to make the checkpoint. About twenty minutes into the challenge, Gavrina suddenly developed mild travel sickness and felt a bit nauseous right after she saw Conrada Cortesova in an "abyssal pink" car pass her by. However, she still climbed two ranks to Rank 419, while Lev, upon hearing the song Gentleman play on his radio, immediately boosted his way, taking two spots as well to Top 423.
  • Race 24: After this "unusual" round, the racers are now told to head on to downtown Irkutsk and arrive at Rank 407. Gavrina, thinking that her travel sickness would just remain mild and not worsen like in the Pan-American Special, still managed to get out of the 400 area and finish at Top 398, while Lev advances eighteen spots to Top 405.
  • Race 25: The racers are now told to head on to Ulan-Ude, Russia, and they have to do this make-up race in one hour and twenty minutes. However, there is a twist: whoever takes the ultimate shortcut to Yakutsk (round 38) will be disqualified from the challenge, and that racers are starting to push each other to the shortcut road. However, Gavrina manages to arrive at Ulan-Ude still at Top 398 while Lev also makes it whilst advancing four spots to Top 401, and from 475, there were only 425 racers left in the challenge, as fifty of the racers were either pushed, accidentally took the shortcut, or deliberately took the shortcut in an attempt to cheat.
  • Race 26: After the impromptu elimination in the previous race, the racers are now back to the normal race, where they are to drive about 250 kilometers to Chita, on the approach to China, and they have to arrive at Top 386. Gavrina, despite starting to feel a little nauseous again, advances twenty-three spots to Top 375, while Lev is once again one spot behind her, ending up at Top 376.
  • Race 27: The racers would now have to cross the border between Russia and China in yet another elimination challenge, and only 370 racers will advance to another series of challenges in the part two of the special. No special twists for this challenge, except that the road is extremely muddy and wet, so the racers might slow down during the race, and might want to clean their cars after this race. Gavrina, thinking that her mild travel sickness might affect her performance in the race like what happened when the runs hit Tanya, she now deliberately searched her dashboard for a picture of Arbat Chomsky, but what she found was a full body picture of Conrada Cortesova naked, and so it worsened her travel sickness. However, despite of this, she still managed to climb eleven ranks to Top 364, while Lev, despite being an adept in extremely muddy and wet roads, was spun out of control by a drifting opponent, so he ended up at Top 390 ten kilometers before the race ended. On the last kilometers, Lev sped his way to the checkpoint, overtaking nineteen racers in the process. One kilometer before the challenge ends, Lev was at Top 371, and the 370th racer is at a 0.01-second lead. However, both cars crossed the finish line simultaneously, and before the viewers can even take a closer look at who made the Top 370, the screen abruptly blacks out and the special ends, to be continued with Part 2.

During the ending credits, Lev and Gavrina were shown standing on either side of the border, with Lev standing in China and Gavrina standing in Russia, communicating with each other using the native languages of the countries opposite their current position (with Lev speaking in Russian and Gavrina speaking in Mandarin).

Trivia Question for Part 1: After Maria "entertained" some of the other racers on the Dover-Calais ferry that she and Lev boarded, she talked to him about not doing another stripper act again if ever they ended up on another ferry. Which two singers did she mention in her conversation with Lev? A. Bruno Mars and Demi Lovato. B. Justin Timberlake and Madonna. C. Tom Jones and Whitney Houston. (Answer: A). The lucky winner will get a special collector's edition of Need for Speed: The Run signed by some of the game's voice actors.

For Part Two of the special, the remaining 370 racers will take on the remaining twenty-three challenges over four stages. However, before the continuation of the run, the special took a look back at Nizhniy Novgorov, where, apparently, Tanya has her runs again, right after she got punched by Maria in the stomach during their girl fight after the fourth stage. While she was doing her "business" in the same gas station restroom where she reconciled with Roland, she was visited by another "very special" person: Chris Masters, another racer in the run, who got eliminated in the last challenge at Top 371, which means Lev made the Top 370 and will continue the run. Meanwhile, after Tanya has done her business, she had business with Chris in Room 405 of Hotel Nizhniy, then the camera pans to the adjacent room, where Maria and Roland are doing the same business. Meanwhile, back at the border between Russia and China, Lev and Gavrina are still talking to each other on either side of the border, with Lev telling Gavrina how nervous he was while waiting for who made the close second. When it was announced that Lev made it (it was revealed that it was Masters who made the Top 370, but he gave the position to Lev; a VTR of what happened was shown), Lev suddenly hugs Gavrina and kisses her, not really minding the public display of affection. After the epic six-hour break between the fifth and sixth stage, the run finally continued (and so did Tanya's "runs").

Stage 6

  • Race 28: For the first race in Part Two of the Run Special, the racers were asked to drive about 210 kilometers somewhere between the Russian-Chinese border and Harbin, China, and get to the 346th position in the process. Gavrina, who "desperately" need inspiration to help her make it through the more challenging competition, fortunately finds a picture of Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev in the dashboard of her car. However, when she looked at the back of the picture, she found some inscriptions, which read "I'm Desperate!", signed Conrada Cortesova, making Gavrina's travel sickness a lot worse than before. However, despite of this, Gavrina took twenty spots up to Top 344, but now falling behind Lev, who took a whopping thirty spots to Top 340.
  • Race 29: After the 346th racer has crossed the checkpoint, the second challenge is announced. The racers have to get to downtown Harbin in China, and have to climb to Top 318. And to top it off, they have to pass through a busy market along the way, so this might slow down the racers' pace. Lev, despite admitting that busy roads heavily affect his driving speed, still advances twenty-five places to Top 315, while Gavrina, who boasted that busy roads are her expertise in driving, was suddenly attacked by her travel sickness, and made only eight spots to Top 338.
  • Race 30: After the big market encounter, the racers will do a make-up race to the border of China and Russia on the approach to the last parts of the race. After exactly one hour, Gavrina was at Top 327, while Lev stayed at Top 315.
  • Race 31: For the elimination round, the racers were asked to drive about 115 kilometers to Vladivostok, Russia, and only 291 racers will be taken to the next stage. However, there is a twist: a gun combat among five large mafia organizations in Russia, China, Mongolia, Japan and North Korea is going on, and all the racers who won't make the Top 291 will be boarded on a large mafia ferry and might be kidnapped. Lev, who doesn't want to be kidnapped, immediately sped his way to Vladivostok and ended up at Top 283, while Gavrina, though still down with slightly intense travel sickness, manages to make the Top 291, right before the ferry started catching eliminated racers.

While the remaining 291 racers are having their respective breaks, and while Tanya continually experiencing her "runs", police officers began surrounding the ferry that contained the kidnapped racers, and found out that only one racer was captured (Top 292, who was in a close match with Gavrina when he was captured), while the other racers immediately went back to China the moment their rank boards were disabled. After six hours of negotiation, the captured racer was release without ransom. On the other hand, Gavrina, Lev, and at least sixteen other racers are again having a group sharing while gathered around a bonfire, talking about their experiences while dodging the wrath of the mafia members. After their six-hour break, the remaining racers were once called for another series of challenges.

Stage 7

  • Race 32: On the approach to the Russian Far East, the remaining 291 racers will now have to drive about 280 kilometers and have to get seventeen places to Top 274 for the next race. Another twist in the race was that the cop chase is back, right after the cops found out that the man who was captured by the mafia is an illegitimate racer, and that there are 291 more speeding up the roads of Vladivostok. Gavrina then closed her eyes and prayed the Rosary throughout the drive to the checkpoint. Right after she finished praying two rounds, she was already at the checkpoint at Top 273, although after she opened her eyes, she realized that her rosary was pink and instead of a Catholic prayer book, she was holding the same full body naked picture of Conrada Cortesova that she found in her dashboard, and she immediately threw up. On the other hand, Lev was already having a good time in the race, especially after he overtook Boris Sorbariyev and Boris Yazenev, who made sure that they will never have racers ranked in between them. Lev arrived at the checkpoint at Top 265.
  • Race 33: Competition's heating up as the racers were asked to travel to Khabarovsk and arrive at Top 258. The cop chase is getting more intense, racers are starting to knock each other off the road, and Gavrina's travel sickness is also becoming more intense. However, this race became pretty much uneventful for Gavrina, and she arrived at Top 255. Meanwhile, Lev, having a blast with his driving and not really minding the cops and his opponents, managed to watch the full trailer for 377 kph in his iPad. However, unbeknownst to him, he accidentally clicked Conrada Cortesova's music video for Gentleman, and he immediately threw his iPad out of the window to the front, and it inadvertently hit another racer, and soon the racer spun out of control, knocking at least fifteen racers in the process, and making Lev advance about twenty positions at once, while he finished five more positions with little effort, arriving at Top 241.
  • Race 34: For this challenge, the racers were told to head to Komsomolsk na Amure, and arrive at Top 238. Lev became bored all of a sudden, so he decided to call Gavrina, who was having a hard time losing the cops in her tail, and at the same time knocking off opponents before they knock her off. However, in the middle of their conversation, Lev spun out of control right after he was knocked by Cortesova off the road, while Gavrina, after her conversation with Lev, found a mini photo album under her seat. The album contained the portraits of all the men that Gavrina tasted (if you look carefully, the last entry was numbered 122), and she immediately sped up towards the checkpoint, and arrived at Top 234, while Lev, after being knocked off by "that abyssal svoloch", took time to make up for his loss, but managed to stay ahead of Gavrina, finishing at Top 229.
  • Race 35: The great journey to the Russian Far East continues, as the racers now embark on a long drive to Yakutsk, and because it's a long drive, the drive is divided into four races, and they are now on the first part, a make-up challenge of distance 164 kilometers and time limit 38 minutes and 30 seconds. This race was pretty much uneventful for both Lev and Gavrina, and both advanced one notch to ranks 228 and 233, respectively.
  • Race 36: For the second part of the Yakutsk Saga, the racers will now have to drive 308 kilometers and arrive at Top 205 before the next race starts. Gavrina gets her tasted celebrity photo album, and adds Jeremy Clarkson's photo in the album, right after they had their business during the thirty-fifth race. However, when she was about to put the photo in the album, the photo flew out of the car, and in an attempt to get it, Gavrina suddenly gets busted by the cops. Taking desperate measures to get away, she takes off her clothes, and performs the coincidentally same stripper act that Lev and Maria did in the first part, only that she had no partner. The cops, enthused and allured by what she did, let her off. However, she only had minimum progress, ending up at Top 224, way below the benchmark. Meanwhile, Lev, still not getting over what Cortesova did to him, became more enraged when he was once again directly behind him/her. Lev then started bumping his/her car, trying to ram him/her off the road. He was unsuccessful, though, but he did manage to take up twenty-seven spots to Top 201.
  • Race 37: For the third part of their great race to Yakutsk, the racers are once again up for a make-up challenge, a 243-kilometer run with a time limit of 83 minutes and 15 seconds. This race was once again uneventful for both Lev and Gavrina, and they both advanced one step to Rank 200 and 223, respectively.
  • Race 38: This challenge will now test the racers' driving, drifting, dragging, roadblock-dodging, reckless driving, roadblock-ramming, cop-assaulting and defensive driving abilities, as well as Gavrina's vomit control, as they take on one of the biggest elimination rounds of the race. They now have to drive about 405 kilometers to downtown Yakutsk, and that only 178 racers will be taken in for Stage 8. The cop chase has took its turn for the worst, as the cop-mobiles are now modified to go as fast as a Yakovich X5, and that the cops are now placing mines, spike traps, booby traps, and even their own underwear (which were not washed and dried under the sun for at least one month) as barricades. Lev, who claimed to be an "expert" in cop chases, admitted that he doesn't do barricade dodging, especially with the cops' underwear (an old cop's was even autographed by Marvik Ribabov way back in 1971). However, he did manage to outrank twenty-eight other racers and arrived at Top 172. However, Gavrina, whose travel sickness has also took a turn for the worst, suddenly opened her window, let her head out, and threw up right after she came across a cop's underwear which was autographed by Conrada Cortesova. However, a cop-mobile slipped in her "unwanted food remains", taking down fifteen other cop-mobiles and twenty-three other racers in the process, making Gavrina advance about thirty spots at once. However, her efforts wasn't good enough, as her rank board was disabled when she was still about twenty-six kilometers before the checkpoint, getting eliminated at Top 186.

Right after Gavrina's rank board was shut down, she immediately took a turn back and headed for Nizhniy Novgorov to meet up with Tanya and Maria. However, when she was about to take the forbidden shortcut to Ulan-Ude, she saw Tanya's 370Z and Maria's A1, along with Roland's Lubovenko Beauty approach her. Apparently, they are about to head back to Margovya via the Bering Strait Bridge and the Pan-American highway so that they can have their "businesses" with ease. Gavrina then decided to go with them, so she can finally get rid of her travel sickness. However, Tanya remembered that she had thrown her guitar off a cliff in Part 1, so she headed back to the Ural Mountains to fetch it, and probably repair it as well, leaving Gavrina with Maria and Roland. However, when they were about to take the road to Magadan, Maria noticed that Roland is no longer with them. She immediately took her iPad, opened the car finder app, and entered Roland's plate number. However, Maria typed the wrong plate number (She entered G8M6Y3 instead of G8M6Y2), and the app gave her the location of G8M6Y3, which was on the foot of the Ural Mountains in Yekaterinberg. Infuriated, Maria sped up to the Ural Mountains to beat Tanya up again. Just as Maria had left, Roland's car approached Gavrina's, as he revealed that he just used the men's room in a restroom in Yakutsk. However, Roland decided to follow Maria in the mountain, leaving Gavrina alone once again. She then decided to head to Margovya so that she can buy medications for her travel sickness. Meanwhile, Lev was seen in a local restaurant in Yakutsk, hanging out with Orental Gibitov and Hafimwahlid Talnaev. They discuss about the cop chase that had just happened, and their current standings in the race, as Gibitov is on Top 175, and Talnaev is already out of the race, being eliminated at Top 179. After the snack, the three then headed to a local hotel to have their "business". After six hours, the remaining racers were called for Stage 8.

Stage 8

  • Race 39: Competition's heating up as the racers continue their epic journey to the Russian Far East, and they are now at the penultimate stage, which is another long journey (five races long) to Magadan, with a standard 250-kilometer run in the first four races. For the first race, the racers will take the first 250 kilometers of the track, and arrive at Top 168. Lev, now being the last man standing among the presenters, suddenly became lonely now that his co-presenters are now eliminated in the race, so he decided to just give up. However, before he could do that, Cortesova suddenly burst in from behind and rammed Lev's car off the road, making him fall into a nearby lake. Enraged, Lev sped up, and soon he is once again directly behind Cortesova. Taking his water gun (however, instead of water, he filled it with pure hydrochloric acid), he aimed it at Cortesova's car and shoot it continuously until Cortesova's car has completely melted. Aside from Cortesova, Lev has also taken down thirteen other opponents and landed at top 159.
  • Race 40: For the second part of the Magadan journey, its a make-up race, with a time limit of one hour and twenty minutes. Lev then started singing Treasure and It Will Rain in preparation for his upcoming performance in the 2013 Margovyan Music Awards. However, when he was halfway through It Will Rain, he realized that he was taking the wrong road, so he went back, and realized that he was still in his position before the race. He continued with It Will Rain, and later on, his radio played Cortesova's version of the aforementioned song, and he immediately threw up. However, Lev managed to arrive at Top 158.
  • Race 41: For the third part of the Magadan journey, the racers will have to cover another 250 kilometers and arrive at Top 149. This race was pretty much uneventful for Lev, and he takes up seventeen ranks to Top 141.
  • Race 42: For the fourth part of the challenge, the racers would have to drive the fourth 250 kilommeters and arrive at Top 130. Lev, after drinking some energy drink, suddenly felt drowsy. He read the label, which said that the drink might make you feel drowsy at first, but the energy boost will take effect in four hours. After about one more hour, Lev's drowsiness finally consumed him, and he fell asleep throughout the drive--without even stopping his car! However, when he woke up two hours later, he was already at the checkpoint at Top 136, and the next challenge was already announced.
  • Race 43: For the final race of the eight stage, the racers would have to drive the remaining kilometers to downtown Magadan, and only the first 115 racers will qualify for Stage 9. Lev still feeling a bit drowsy, tried to drive as fast as he could, a la Gennady Elemat in 377 kph. However, right after he reached 377 kilometers per hour, his engine exploded, making his car very uncontrollable, until the engine finally came to a complete stop, however, the aftermath launched him all the way to the checkpoint, taking down twenty-one racers in the process and arriving at Top 114.

The energy boost on Lev's energy drink finally took effect, but unfortunately, during the six-hour break, and moreover, the effect will wear off after six hours. Because of this, Lev swore that he will never take energy drinks without reading the label. He then went to the nearby mechanic to have his engine fixed, so he can get back to the race, and while his car is being repaired, he went to a local hotel in Magadan and had business with twenty female racers, with one session ending in fifteen minutes due to the effect of the energy drink. After the break, the remaining racers were called to get back in the race. However, Lev's car is still under repair, so, like Maria in Part 1, Lev took his rank board and got back in the race, running towards the next checkpoint.

Stage 9

  • Race 44: Competition's at its finest, as the remaining one hundred and fifteen racers take on the final stage, which is a six-part long drive through the Kamchatka Peninsula to Anadyr. For the first part, the racers were told to go 200 kilometers ahead, and arrive at Top 92. Lev, who is still running, can't keep up anymore. After running about thirty kilometers, his car was finally repaired, and he got back to the race and drove as fast as he could, although he cannot drive 377 kph anymore. However, he just had a minimal progress, arriving at the checkpoint at Top 106.
  • Race 45: For the second part, the racers will do a make-up challenge for the next 250 kilometers, with a time limit of one hour and thirty minutes. This race was pretty much uneventful for Lev, and he took three spots to Top 103.
  • Race 46: For the third part of the final stage, the racers have to drive the next 200 kilometers and arrive at Top 68. Lev whose drowsiness has finally subsided, went back to his normal driving until he reached the checkpoint without any special events, arriving at Top 83.
  • Race 47: For the fourth part of the challenge, the racers can now take it easy, as they will embark on a 500-kilometer race, and they only have to take ten spots to Top 58. Lev, who wanted to grab the opportunity, immediately sped up, however, he encountered Cortesova once again, this time with two accomplices, with Lev now having to get through them in order to continue racing other opponents. Lev took down the accomplices easily, however, he had a very hard time battling Cortesova, until the latter got away. However, Lev arrived at the checkpoint at Top 70 (with Cortesova at Top 69).
  • Race 48: For the fifth part, the racers will do another make-up challenge, a 200-kilometer drive with a time limit of sixty minutes. Lev immediately sped up, so as he can make the final challenge, taking five pots to Top 65, although he still did not take Cortesova down.
  • Race 49: For the last part of Stage 9, another elimination race was announced, making Lev panic, as he thought he have to race all the way to Top 1 in this challenge. However, all racers were relieved when it was announced that twenty racers will be taken in for a final race after another six-hour break, however, their track is only eighty-six kilometers long. Lev, tried to speed up, but he still couldn't take a spot, as the other racers are already driving so aggressively. At kilometer 70 Lev is still placed at Top 56 and can't move up any longer, until he finally accepted the probability that he will be eliminated in this round. However, when he started slowing down, he encountered a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, much like the exact same Carrera GT that Paul Walker and his friend were riding on the day of the accident. Terrified, Lev floored up, not really minding the other racers he was bumping on. At kilometer 85, Lev was already at Top 21, again with Cortesova in his way. Fed up, Lev takes his iPad, located Godofredo's car, and sent the location to Cortesova, who immediately went back to "fetch" Godofredo. Lev takes the twentieth spot, just in time for the final race.

During the six-hour break, Gavrina, Tanya and Maria, with Roland, Gibi and Hafim, along with other eliminated opponents, arrive at Anadyr to support Lev in the final race. Meanwhile, while Lev was chilling with his friends by the sidewalk, the Carrera GT that had scared him earlier stopped beside him, but before he can even panic, the GT's driver gets out of the car, revealing himself to be Pimp 2.0, still wearing the same Paul Walker mask from the previous episode. After the six-hour break, the remaining racers were called for the final race.

Race 50: For the final race, the remaining twenty racers would have to race to Bering Strait Bridge, wherein the finish line is the International Date Line, and only one racer can win the race. However, there area few twists: The road is extremely muddy and wet; the organizers have hired one hundred eliminated racers to throw random stuff at them (except dangerous stuff like bullets, knives, hydrochloric acid, etc.), and that racers can be eliminated while the race is going on, and in every fifteen kilometers of the race, five racers are automatically eliminated. At first, Lev's performance is doing great, however, when he was less than one kilometer to the finish line, he was still at Top 5. Due to desperation, he prayed to Sta. Conrada, and he immediately advanced to Top 2 at the last 300 meters of the race, wherein the leading racer is none other than James May, the presenter in the original Top Gear who is often dubbed "Captain Slow" by his co-presenters, much like Maria in Top Gear Margovya. While thinking of how to get the top spot, something fell out of the sky, and right into Lev's hands: Tanya's guitar, which has been blown by the wind from the Ural Mountains since Part 1. Right after the guitar landed on Lev, he immediately threw it in front of him, hitting the leading opponent's front bumper, making him lose control while Tanya, who witnessed the event, shouted "My guitar!" Lev takes the top spot, wins the run, and had $50,000,000 transferred to his account.

Before the credits roll, the four presenters are seen at Acapulco, Mexico, now heading back to Margovya after Lev's victory in The Run. However, before they continue heading back to Margovya, they were told by the producers to stop by an abandoned 3.5-kilometer circuit and have their cars tested by Pimp 2.0, who was unexpectedly with them. Tanya's 370Z posts a lap time of 1:18.5, Gavrina's Huayra makes a lap time of 1:13.79, Maria's A1 makes a 1:18.5, and Lev's modified Desperation records 1:15.6. The Special's ending shot is that of Tanya and Gavrina inside the girls' bathroom in a local restaurant in Acapulco, with Tanya defecating once again, and with Gavrina having a pregnancy test with her iPhone.

Trivia Question for Part Two: What did James May say when his car struck the guitar that Lev threw at him in the final leg of the race? A. "Oh, cock!" B. "What in the world!?" C. "By God, I've struck something!" (Answer: A). The winner will get the unrated and uncut Lev/Maria stripper act video clip in the Dover-Calais ferry yet another limited special edition of Need for Speed: The Run.

104 7 Tesla Roadster, SEAT Léon Cupra, Chevrolet Orlando, Yakovich M13 Roadster Gavril Remontadov December 27, 2013

Main Review: Gavrina reviews the Tesla Roadster, the first highway-capable all-electric vehicle in serial production. Gavrina states that "it's good, for an electric car," but she continues that she still prefers gasoline-powered cars over electric ones, although the Roadster came very close to convincing her otherwise. With an acceleration speed of 0 to 60 in only 3.9 seconds, she says that it's comparable to other gasoline-powered sports cars, like the Khristenko A999 and Lubovenko LUBO-LXIX, and if it keeps up that performance, then it could have a chance of competing with the aforementioned cars. The Pimp 2.0 drives it around the Top Gear Margovya test track in 1:24.5.

Challenge: Maria's husband, Roland, had given her a SEAT Leon Cupra sports hatchback as a birthday present, while Gavrina borrowed her brother's "slightly used" Chevrolet Orlando MPV. They are given a series of challenges to test their cars, including an obstacle course challenge against a Minchev Bobcat, a top speed challenge, a braking challenge, a drag race that involves the two presenters pushing their cars, and parking their cars in the middle of the heavy Ciudad de Celebridad city center traffic. Gavrina claims victory as the Orlando is an MPV and therefore a practical car, but Maria counters that by saying that the Leon is a sports hatchback, and that that quality trumps practicality every time.

News: The presenters talk about BMW's plans to acquire the controlling interest of the Minchev, Lubovenko, and Khristenko motor companies. A second Not So Socialist EP, A Look Into the Future, featuring covers of Treasure, Made in the USA, Wrecking Ball, I Knew You Were Trouble (featuring Pristina Leonova), and One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) (featuring Orental Gibitov and Hafimwahlid Talnaev), was released at the day of the episode's broadcast.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Gavril Remontadov, star of the comedy TV series hit There's the Way, Where's the Will?. is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. He sits down with costar Tanya, and they talk about the success of the their respective series, Remontadov's car history, and his reaction to El Cuatro Colores's prediction that his father, Gavril Remontadov Sr., could become president of Margovia. Remontadov went around the Top Gear Margovya test track in 1:53.9.

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: Gavril Remontadov has the crew play a clip from There's the Way, Where's the Will? wherein he smashes up a guitar as part of an in-show joke, and then Tanya suddenly bursts into the stage and proclaims that the guitar that Remontadov just smashed was hers.

Trivia Question: Which Margovyan car company is not a potential target for BMW? A. Khristenko. B. Yakovich. C. Lubovenko. (Answer: B). The winner will get m10,000 because the management has run out of freebies to distribute.

Bonus Clip: The four presenters play a multiplayer race in Need for Speed: The Run, with Lev winning the round once again.

105 8 Porsche 911 GT2, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Porsche Cayenne, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, Audi A1, Khristenko A1 Andrea G. January 3, 2014
Introduction: The presenters welcome the year 2014 with a presentation, with them performing their respective songs (with Lev performing Gentleman, with Maria performing Made in the USA, with Gavrina performing Come and Get It, with Tanya performing Wrecking Ball, and after which the four of them performed Not So Socialist's latest single, Turn Away.

Main Review: Tanya reviews the Porsche 911 GT2, and says that she can't forget the time that she used it while playing Need for Speed: The Run. It has a 0 to 60 time of 3.9 seconds, and a top speed of 301 kph, and Tanya did find the car very hard to handle. The Pimp 2.0 drives it around the test track in 1:22.8.

News: For the news segment, the presenters announce that the movie 377 kph was a blockbuster success, grossing about m200 million as of January 2, 2014, the second day of the film's theatrical run, with Gavrina having high hopes of it beating Titanium as the country's highest-grossing film. Lev announces that musician Vsevolod Arigov, his first cousin, vocalist of the band Kiss n' Tell, died on January 1, 2014 at the age of 27, making him the thirteenth Margovyan musician to have joined the ever growing and ever popular 27 Club, succeeding Andrey Vizinsky after twelve years. The presenters then discussed about the 27 Club, talked about the 1980's band Frisbee, whose members all died at age 27, reminisce on how they tried hard to prevent themselves from entering the club, and discusses about the time that they threw a funeral-like party for Lev's 27th birthday on 2008.

Challenge Part 1: The presenter wanted to know if the Audi A1 and Khristenko A1 can jump over two Yakovich M98 monster trucks, the biggest legal monster truck ever built by Anton Yakovich, lengthwise, so they again called the TGM stunt man. However, the TGMSM is still recuperating at Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital, so they introduce a substitute, the TGM stunt woman. The stunt woman made the jump successfully with the Audi A1, but with the Khristenko A1, she crashed right into the windshield of the second M98, and later she takes off her mask, revealing herself to have been Gavrina, who was immediately taken to Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital.

Challenge Part 2: While Gavrina is recovering at Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital, the remaining presenters then talked about 377 kph, and were given a set of challenges, which are similar to the stunts that were done in the film, but first, they had to acquire any car and modify it to have a top speed of at least 377 kilometers per hour (at least 400 kph, to be sure). Tanya buys a Porsche Cayenne, Maria takes her Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, and Lev takes his Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. After they have acquired their cars, they proceeded to the modification. Tanya modified her Cayenne to go at most 428 kph, Maria fixes her Competizione to make it go 465 kph at top speed, while Lev tuned his Superleggera to go at most 449 kph. After they fixed their engines, three challenges were prepared for them:

  1. At the first part of the film, Timofey Ulyanov's character reached 377 kph at the first kilometer of his run before his engine exploded in the middle of the race. Their challenge is to drive a one-kilometer freeway and reach 377 kph before they finish the track. All of them failed to complete the challenge, though, with Tanya finishing at 346 kph, Lev finishing at 365 kph, and Maria finishing at 24 324 kph.
  2. In the middle scene, Samara Tilnova's character had to keep her speed in between 370 and 376 kph, else the bomb inside her car will detonate and it will explode, and she did it for five minutes before the bomb was disabled. Their challenge is to keep their speed between 370 and 376 kph for at least five minutes. All of them failed to complete the challenge again, with Tanya only keeping the run for four minutes two seconds, Lev maintaining his speed for three minutes and forty-nine seconds, and with Maria keeping her speed for three minutes and thirty-six seconds.
  3. Towards the end of the film, Gennady Elemat's character had to keep his speed at exactly 377 kph, and should not rise above or fall below, else the bomb in his car will detonate and the car will explode, and he kept his speed at that constant rate for eleven minutes before the bomb was disabled, with Tanya adding that the stunt was done by Elemat himself, and without any editing done. Their challenge is to go ten minutes keeping their speed at 377 kph. As expected, all of them lost the challenge, with Tanya managing to keep her speed for two minutes and five seconds, with Lev keeping his speed for six minutes and eight seconds, and with Maria maintaining her speed for a mere thirty-eight seconds.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Actress and singer Andrea G., who is also a supporting actress in 377 kph, sits down with Lev and talks about her acting career, why she chose the stage name Andrea G., and the film 377 kph, which unexpectedly became a blockbuster hit in Marogvya. They also talked about the death of Lev's first cousin Vsevolod, and his membership in the 27 Club, and they also reminisced about the time that they prevented themselves from entering the said club. Andrea G. drives around the test track in 1:50.6.

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: In the video clip of Not so Socialist and other cast members of Three Queens celebrating Lev's funeral-like 27th birthday party on August 28, 2008, Lev was supposed to knock on wood three times to prevent him from being jinxed into entering the 27 Club himself, but since it's the 27 Club and its prime targets are musicians, Lev took a guitar and hit it against the wall 27 times. Tanya then stopped the clip and proclaimed that the guitar that Lev hit was hers.

Trivia Question: This episode had once again given life to the issues regarding the controversial 27 Club, right after musician Vsevolod Arigov died at age 27. But who among these people is not a member in the club? A. Kurt Cobain B. Marko Mendayov C. Amy Winehouse (Answer: B). The lucky winner will get the full DVD of 377 kph autographed by all of the members of the 27 Club the film's cast members.

106 9 Lexus ES, Scania R, Iveco Stralis, Renault Magnum, Volvo FH16 Vasily Borisov January 10, 2014
Main Review:


Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Vasily Borisov is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. He sits down with Gavrina and talks about recent developments with the new Interceptors movie, promising the audience and viewers that "a big change is coming." He goes around the TGM test track in 2:01.59.

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: Gavrina runs over Tanya's guitar with her Iveco Stralis when Tanya is not looking.

Trivia Question:

107 10 Yakovich M57, Andropov K-linin, Andropov K-milyov, Andropov K-tolov, Andropov K-rigov Jennifer Lopez January 17, 2014
Main Review: Lev finally fulfills his dream to review an old car in Top Gear Margovya by reviewing the 1970 model of the Yakovich M57, the exact same make and model that Marvik Ribabov had driven the night he was killed in an accident. The M57 has a top speed of a respectable 271 kph, which is "good for a 1970's sports car", and according to Lev it makes him feel like a 1970's actor. The Pimp 2.0, who wore a Marvik Ribabov mask on his face, drives the M57 around the test track and posts a lap time of 1:26.8.

News: The presenters announce that in celebration of Marvik Ribabov's 71st birth anniversary, their record label, as well as executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova had given them a break until January 20 to visit Ribabov's grave at Cemeterio del Celebridad, and that they, along with the whole cast of The Interceptors, including the cast of the original series, have visited Ribabov on January 15, three days before his exact birthday and had a "small" party. However, after the party is over, the four were the only ones left at the cemetery, and they visited the graves of other prominent celebrities in the cemetery, until they found a grave with Lev's complete name written, the birth date written August 28, '81, and the death date written January 15, '14. To prove that they weren't kidding, they showed the audience the actual photo of the grave, plus a video of Lev running away after seeing the grave.

Challenge: The presenters take on another fuel economy test, as they hear about rumors saying that the latest model of most Andropov sports cars are very wasteful in fuel. To test that out, they took their respective Andropov K sports cars, Tanya with the K-linin, Gavrina with the K-milyov, Maria with her K-tolov, and Lev with his K-rigov, all of them being 2014 models. They try to drive around a 20-kilometer freeway course, and must beat the wasteful-car-fuel-benchmark of 18.55 liters, or at least beat the very-wasteful-car-fuel-benchmark, which is 26.88 liters. Tanya's K-linin used up 23.44 liters, Gavrina's K-milyov took up 25.46 liters, Maria's K-tolov used up 26.79 liters, while Lev's K-rigov took up a total of 38.06 liters of fuel, with the K-rigov exceeding the "Pimp 2.0's fuel-spending-spree-benchmark", which is 37.50 liters, which proves that the rumors really are true, and that frugal and practical people shouldn't buy the latest Andropov sports cars.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: American singer, actress and dancer Jennifer Lopez sits down with Maria and talks about her success in her acting and singing career. She also talked about her upcoming concert in the Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Theatre this coming February 1. Lopez drove around the Top Gear Margovya test track in 1:48.6.

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: During the video of Lev seeing the mysterious grave in Cemeterio del Celebridad, after Lev saw the grave, he immediately took Tanya's guitar and smashed it against the tomb.

Trivia: After the episode ended, it was clarified that the one resting in the mysterious grave in Cemeterio del Celebridad was a Margovyan Triangle revolutionist named Lev Vladimirovich Arigov, who was born in August 28, 1881 and was killed by Russian forces on January 15, 1914 in Ratoroncios, and was buried without a casket in a random lot which would become Cemeterio del Celebridad about fifty years later.

Trivia Question: The 2014 model Andropov K-Rigov has proven itself for being the most wasteful car that was ever reviewed by the presenters. But which of these cars is not an Andropov sports car? A. K-onev B. K-Pop C. K9 (Answer: C). The lucky winner will get a VHS copy of both the 1971 film The Roaring Twenties: The Movie and its 1997 remake signed by both of the films' respective main cast.

108 11 Nissan Sentra, Yakovich M98, Joylong Majestic, Peel P50, Yakovich X5 Arya Nukova January 24, 2014
Introduction: The presenters announce that they are now done with the tenth series, and soon the Innova will finally be replaced as the Reasonably Priced Car, so that guests can return to record a new lap. Lev adds that after another series, Pimp 2.0 may be revealed again, as rumors that maybe he is a drug dealer from Kolumbiyanovsk, Balkonovich, or that maybe he is just an X-Rated DVD Vendor from Yobatav, Arbatskaya are starting to spread out again.

Main Review: Tanya reviews the seventh-generation Nissan Sentra, the first time a compact car was reviewed in the show. Tanya comments that it's slightly better than its previous model, as it has better fuel economy, and its engine output returns 97 kW and 174 Nm of torque. Plus, it is lighter than the previous model, making it easier to handle. Pimp 2.0 drives the Sentra around the track in 1:27.7.

News: Gavrina announces that the Yakovich X6, the newest addition to the X series, is currently under production and is about to be evaluated by the Ministry of Trade on February. Maria adds that the X6 has slightly less performance than the X5, but it has a better look, better fuel economy, and less weight. Also, with rumors that Gavrina is dating Senior Associate Justice Viktor Boevsky widely spreading across the country for the past few months, with Tanya showing the most recent pictures of them in a local restaurant in Vulvanovskaya, Sta. Conrada and in Boevsky's mansion, Gavrina finally confirms her relationship with Boevsky.

Challenge: For the first time in Top Gear Margovya, the presenters will be taking the "Do your own challenge", in which they will be doing a specific challenge on their own based on their selected cars. Tanya picks the Yakovich M98 monster truck, Gavrina picks the Yakovich X5, Maria picks the Peel P50, and Lev chooses the Joylong Majestic. After acquiring their preferred cars, their challenges were given:

  1. For Tanya, she would have to drive her 3.7-meter-wide Yakovich M98 monster truck through a 1,200-meter-long and 3.8-meter-wide tunnel, and she has to try not to hit the walls or fall below 75 kph after reaching the said speed. However, at 981 meters, Tanya hit the walls, thereby losing the challenge.
  2. For Gavrina, she has to drive the X5 around the test track faster than Pimp 2.0's record of 1:08.75. However, after all the presenters agreed that the challenge is impossible, the goal of the challenge is reset to Martin Johnson's record of 1:16.74. However, Gavrina still lost the challenge, making it in 1:30.46.
  3. For Maria, she has to drive her P50 and overtake at least ten moving vehicles in five minutes. However, Maria lost the challenge, overtaking only three vehicles. Maria claimed it to be twelve, however, the other nine are parked, and the challenge said that the vehicles have to be moving for it to be counted.
  4. And for Lev, his challenge is to drive his Joylong Majestic and make five consecutive successful sharp turns at at least 60 kph. However, Lev also lost his challenge, making only three turns before crashing at the fourth corner.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Senate President Arya Nukova makes her grand return as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. She sits down with Maria and talks about updates in her career, and her plans after she steps down as Senate President in October 2014. She also shares her preferred candidate in the upcoming Senatorial conclave. Nukova drives around the test track in 1:47.9.

Harassing Tanya's Guitar: While Gavrina is driving her Yakovich X5, Maria suddenly places Tanya's guitar in the track, causing Gavrina to run over it.

2013 Top Gear Marogvya Awards:

  • Ugliest Car:
  • Worst Car:
  • Worst Dressed Presenter in Top Gear Margovya: Maria in her torn-but-surprisingly-seductive underwear during her and Lev's stripper performance in the Dover-Calais ferry in Part 1 of the Run special (Series 10, Episode 5)
  • Best Noise: Tanya crying out loudly during the introduction of the Paul Walker tribute episode (Series 10, Episode 4)
  • Most Epic Destruction of Tanya's Guitar: Tanya throwing it off the cliff after she got eliminated in The Run (Series 10, Episode 5).
  • Best Driver: Martin Johnson.
  • Car of the Year (2013): Yakovich X5