Top Gear Margovya
Season 14
No. of Episodes 6
Original Run August 26, 2016 - September 30, 2016
Written by Yelizaveta Vulvanova, Ivan Maryanov, Yulian Markovsky, Mark Vizinsky, Gennady Elemat, Orental Gibitov, Hafimwahlid Talnaev
Directed by Yulian Markovsky
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The fourteenth series of the Margovyan car magazine show Top Gear Margovya began broadcast on August 26, 2016 following an eight-month hiatus following an altercation between former presenter Lev Arigov and one of the producers of Top Gear Margovya, and concluded on September 30, 2016, spanning six episodes. When executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova decided not to renew Arigov's contract based on the accusations of the producer that Arigov abused her verbally, physically and sexually, fellow presenters Tanya Kalinina, Gavrina Kumilyova and Maria Atolova and TGM director Adam Yaneyev also announced that they will not return to the show as well.

Starting from the fourteenth series, the show is now consisted of actors Hafimwahlid Talnaev, Mark Vizinsky, Orental Gibitov, Ivan Maryanov, and Gennady Elemat. Also, veteran actor, producer, director and writer Yulian Markovsky, also a close friend of Vulvanova and the five new presenters, was brought in as a writer and director for the show. This series also marks a new era for TGM, wherein although all of its official segments will neither be changed nor replaced, nor will there be additional segments, since there is a new lineup of presenters, almost everything else will change, including the reasonably priced car (from the Fiat 500 to the Toyota Land Cruiser J200), and the reveal of the Pimp 2.0 at the first episode, followed by the introduction of a "Pimp 3.0" at the last episode.

Because of the relatively low yet fair viewership, Let's Talk Margovya renewed the show for a twelve-episode fifteenth series, which may include a two-part special. The fifteenth series is slated to premiere on January 6, 2017. Since TGM will be reverting back to holding the Top Gear Margovya Awards every year instead of every series (since series 9), this year's awards will either be held on the first episode of series 15 or posted at the TGM website on December 31, 2016.

Episode ListEdit

Overall no. No. in series Reviews Guest Airdate
137 1 Nissan 300ZX, Infiniti Q50, Yakovich U-Shut-Up, Peel P50, Toyota Land Cruiser J200 Karl Khristenko August 26, 2016
Introduction: The new presenters welcome a new era for TGM by saying that almost everything will change, with Mark, in his Rodrigo Duterte voice from The Duterte Code, saying "change is coming." However, Hafim stated that since Let's Talk Margovya are giving consideration to Lev Arigov's side of the scandal, should the female producer cry foul on anyone of them, considering they are all guys (and all bachelors except for Gennady, Hafim, Mark and Ivan), it's either executive producer Yelizaveta Vulvanova fire the producer for possible false accusations, or TGM will get canceled. Gibi adds that this is just for the record, just in case the MMTRCB claims that Let's Talk Margovya didn't actually say that.

They then brought in a new and clean power laps board, wherein finally, cars which have been reviewed before can possibly be re-reviewed by anyone of the new presenters. However, as the old Pimp 2.0 brought a box containing all time laps he and Pimp 1.0 made around the Top Gear Margovya test track, the new presenters decided they'd keep and put into the new board the times of the cars that they think are "worth keeping." The first lucky pick is the Yakovich M57, which according to Gennady is still the best car in Margovyan automobile history. Other cars put back into the board are:

  • Pagani Huayra and Pagani Zonda (according to Mark, the lap times of these cars are too "valuable" to have them re-reviewed).
  • Yakovich U-Shut Up (according to Ivan, the lap time set by the car is very difficult to par).
  • Lubovenko Fallopia and Lubovenko Clitoris (according to Gibi, all the presenters agreed they don't want to review these cars again).
  • Yakovich U2, Audi A1, Khristenko A1, Khristenko E-Heads, Khristenko L-House (according to Hafim, this is for former host Gavrina Kumilyova, who hates the bands associated with the car names).

However, Gennady clarifies that the effects of the KLAY-LTM Scandal in 2014, which allowed the presenters more freedom in writing their own scripts for the show, is still in effect.

Review: For the first review featuring the new presenters, Mark reviews the Nissan 300ZX, one of the cars he owned during his days as a presenter for Cars of Margovya. The Z32, although a good sports car (proven by a CoM footage of Mark driving it against Gennady's Yakovich N and Karl Khristenko's Khristenko A999 during the Need for Speed Margovya segment), did not really sell as much internationally like its successors Nissan 350Z and Nissan 370Z mostly due to the weakening of the Japanese Yen value during the mid-1990s. However, the Z32's 3.0L VG30DETT V6 Twin Turbo engine (much like its earlier counterpart Z31), producing up to 300 hp makes it comparable to contemporary local sports cars, although not to supercars like the U-Shut Up, or the V800. The Pimp, for his last lap around the track, drives the Z32 in 1:29.5, the first lap ever recorded by the new presenters.

Challenge 1: Mark and Gennady started reminiscing about their time as presenters in Cars of Margovya twenty years ago. They started talking about the segment they invented, Need for Speed Margovya. They then get an e-mail from an old CoM fan, requesting that they do any Need For Speed race type from any point to any point using any unmodified contemporary SUV. Mark picks the Infiniti Q50, while Gennady picks the Yakovich U-Shut Up. They then decided to do the bit in Need for Speed: Carbon, wherein they will pick an endpoint, and whoever gets to that point (using any route of their choice) wins. The starting point will be at the TGM studio in Ciudad del Celebridad, and the endpoint will be the Juana Arbatskaya monument, which is at the border of Filipiniana and Bulshitovskaya, Arbatskaya, the peak of Mt. Arbatskaya. Both start by driving down the South Margovyan Superhighway. However, Mark takes the Svelovsk (Ikanua) exit, while Gennady stays in the expressway. However, after a few kilometers, Gennady got stuck in a massive traffic jam, while Mark quickly speeds and swerves into the alternative route he used to take if the SMS gets a little crowded. Mark gets back to the expressway at the Tidzhomov Occidental exit, while Gennady takes the Sugalskaya exit for a detour to the Julio Soledad highway up Mt. Arbatskaya, since he realized that the Yakovich U-Shut Up isn't good enough for drifting up the Sta. Radoslava highway. Mark, however, takes the Asturiyovskaya Approach exit and runs through the Sta. Radoslava highway with much difficulty, since the Q50 isn't a drift car, either. However, Mark still arrives at the Juana Arbatskaya monument first (4:37:39.75) and managed to perform doughnuts around the monument before Gennady arrives four and a half minutes later (4:42:02.64)

News: Mark and Ivan discuss about the upcoming release of the tenth generation of the Yakovich M57 some time in January 2017. Gibi announces that the 2018 version of the Khristenko D-oomsday is on the works, wondering what a car designed to survive the "70 years after Israel becomes a nation" apocalypse would look like. Gennady congratulates Kiril Alakdanovich, the winner of the 38th season of Svolochy Showdown, while Hafim further adds that he wishes Kiril good luck as the new lead vocalist of The Real Deal. He also announces that right after the release of the last single for The Essential Real Deal, the singles for their third EP, A la Not So Socialist: The Prelude, which will serve as Hafim's last performance with the band, will be released. Meanwhile, Mark announced that his latest film, The Duterte Code, is currently under post-production and will be released some time in 2017.

Challenge 2: Since Gibi, Hafim and Ivan cannot relate to the nostalgic challenge completed by the "CoM buddies," they decided to wait for a challenge for the three of them. After sitting around for about three minutes, a challenge was given to them by the producers: they must modify a Peel P50 and make it "reversible", since the P50 doesn't have a reverse gear, as shown in an old TGM episode where Arigov has difficulty "reversing" his P50 during the "Reverse down a freeway" challenge. After modifying the clutch, the engine and the gearshift to add a reverse gear, they manage to make the P50 reversible. However, when the TGM stuntman tests this to pull out of the parking area of the studio, the reverse effect is so fast that he crashed into almost all cars parked in the area, necessitating another trip to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital. Back at the studio, Gibi says, "Well... at least we made the P50 reversible."

New Reasonably Priced Car: As part of the "change is coming" campaign of Top Gear Margovya, the presenters also announce that the time of the Fiat 500 is over. After Mark and Gennady completed their Need for Speed Margovya challenge at the Juana Arbatskaya monument, Gibi, Hafim, and Ivan follow in the old Fiat 500. They all then drive the car into a nearby cliff 120 meters high. The five of them get out of the car and started pushing the Fiat down the cliff, plummeting all the way down a rocky slope, and hitting a group of teenagers taking selfies on a hill below. The five then yell "Our bad!" and then walk away as if nothing happened. Back at the studio, they announce that while the Reasonably Priced Car will not be replaced by a Rally-Cross car, they introduce a new Reasonably Priced Car: the Toyota Land Cruiser J200, wherein celebrities can now come back and record new laps.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Actor and former Cars of Margovya presenter Karl Khristenko sits down with Mark and talks about his life after the Mafiya series (which Ivan and Mark also starred in), and started discussing about his days as a presenter in CoM, along with Mark and Gennady. Introducing the new Reasonably Priced Car, the presenters' laps around the track using the Land Cruiser were shown. Hafim drove around the track in 1:46.9, Gibi drove in 1:48.6, Gennady went in 1:41.2, Ivan drove in 1:43.0, while Mark drove in 1:40.5. The Pimp also did a lap around the track, but failed to beat Mark's time, recording 1:40.8. Karl Khristenko drives around the track in 1:41.9.

Super Bombshell: The presenters announce that since Top Gear Margovya is entering a new era, Pimp 2.0 decided that he will reveal himself and go with the old presenters. As the presenters count down from five, the Pimp removes his gas mask but reveals his trademark Paul Walker mask instead, leading a horrified Gibi to believe for a moment that the Pimp is Paul Walker. The presenters count down again, and the Pimp removes his Paul Walker mask and reveals himself to be Ravil Yanenko. The Margovyan public, once almost fooled by Yanenko's fake Pimp reveal in series 9, demands that the presenters bring them the "real" Pimp 2.0. The presenters then try to convince people that Yanenko is the real Pimp by showing video clips of Yanenko driving ten of the cars tested by Pimp 2.0 from series 10 to series 13, and all of them recorded lap times of an at most ~0.4 second margin of error from the Pimp's official lap records (they even showed a clip of Yanenko driving the Land Cruiser in 1:40.78, the same exact precise time that Pimp 2.0 did it minutes ago), effectively convincing the audience that Yanenko really is the Pimp 2.0.

Trivia Question: The Top Gear Margovya trivia question segment is back, with new and crazier trivia questions to answer. For this episode: Top Gear Margovya has welcomed a new era introducing a new lineup of presenters. But who among these is not one of the new presenters? A. Mark Vizinsky B. Godofredo C. Ivan Maryanov (Answer: B). The winner will get a Top Gear Margovya series 13 DVD autographed by the old and new presenters, and Pimp 2.0.

138 2 Khristenko V-Zinsky, Yakovich U2, Audi A1, Khristenko A1, Khristenko E-Heads, Khristenko L-House Irina Adzhitekova September 2, 2016
Review: Mark reviews the 2015 Khristenko V-Zinsky. Not to be confused with the Yakovich V-Zinsky first released in 2003 in honor of Andrey Vizinsky, this car, according to Mark, is good for a car that was conceptualized during the KLAY era. Its 4.9 L V10 Turbo engine can produce at max 597 hp at ~6400 rpm, and therefore can reach at max 314 km/h. However, unlike the Yakovich X5, the Khristenko V-Zinsky, though designed as weighing only 1,036.6 kg, has no tendency at all to fly at very high speeds, especially given that it has a top speed of over 100km/h less than the top speed of the X5. And to prove that no KLAY people is putting words into his mouth, Mark had the camera pan around the entire track to prove that there are no signs of KLAY staff anywhere. He even drives the car along a 20-kilometer freeway at top speed to prove that it doesn't take off. Since there is no Pimp, the five presenters agreed that for the next five episodes, each of them gets to review a car once and drive it along the track for the Power Laps. Mark drives the V-Zinsky around the track in 1:20.7.

Challenge 1: A lot of motorcycle stunts have been done in the history of Top Gear Margovya, but the presenters want to know if a motorcycle can jump over ten Joylong Majestic vehicles lengthwise. Since the TGM stuntman is still recuperating at the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital, Gennady decided to do the stunt himself, using a Yamahova Kalinin V6 (that Tanya Kalinina "must have left at the studio"). Surprisingly, he successfully jumped over the ten Joylong Majestics, but he missed the landing ramp, loses grip of the motorcycle, and lands on his hip ten meters from the landing ramp, while the motorcycle flew for another fifty meters. Back at the studio, Gennady is now supporting himself with a cane, as the remaining four presenters drew comparisons between him with a cane, and Grampa Iosef in a 2004 CoM episode.

Challenge 2: The presenters declare that one challenge per episode isn't enough for a five-presenter lineup, so they decided to now officially complete two (or even three) challenges per episode. For the second challenge, they decided it's time for their first fuel economy test, with Gavrina Kumilyova's most hated SUVs. Gennady takes the Yakovich U2, Mark takes the Audi A1, Gibi takes the Khristenko A1, Hafim takes the Khristenko E-Heads, and Ivan takes the Khristenko L-House. While Ivan says that it is rumored that these five cars can't go through the Northern Margovyan Superhighway with 50 Liters of gas, as opposed to almost all of Yakovich and Khristenko sports cars, the presenters then decided to fill their respective cars' tanks with 50 Liters of gas and drive down the NMS from Marginalia Pueblito, Arkonaysk to Yobatav, Arbatskaya without ever filling up. Mark ran out of gas before even reaching 500 kilometers into the NMS; Hafim ran out of gas not even halfway into the challenge; Ivan ran out of gas in Svolochyville, Opula; Gibi ran out of gas upon reaching Ikulsk; while Gennady makes it to Yobatav, but runs out of gas before he makes it into the Yobatav toll gate. Back in the studio, Gennady points out that the Yakovich U2, having almost crossed the NMS with only 50 Liters of gas, is actually one of the most fuel economic SUVs made by Anton Yakovich, especially since the M57 actually can't make it past Pontival with the same amount of gas, and that he had to fill up entirely the 60-liter tank of his U-Shut Up three or four times during the Need For Speed Margovya challenge of the previous episode.

News: The presenters proudly announce that the previous episode was watched by about 25 million viewers, only one million below the average viewership of TGM during the time of the old presenters. Gennady laments the design of the upcoming Minchev Roadcrasher, saying that it looks a lot like the Lubovenko Beauty, while Ivan adds that the name "Roadcrasher" really does apply to it. Mark addresses the rumor that the tenth generation Yakovich M57 will have a top speed higher than that of the X5, saying that the M57 will have the same 4.3-L V8 Turbo engine used by the last generation M57 released in 1988, so the top speed cannot possibly be higher than 315 km/h. While on the subject, Gibi and Hafim discuss the recent release of the Yakovich X9, the supposed last car of the controversial X series. Gibi said that according to the Yakovich Motor Corporation, the X9 has supposedly eliminated the problems caused by the X4, X5, X6, X7 and X8; however, the car uses a 7.4-liter V16 engine, is capable of producing 1,219 hp @10200 rpm, and can reportedly reach a speed of up to 482 km/h. Hafim adds that to reduce the possibility of it taking off, the car weighs 3,231 kg, three times the total mass of the X8, which does not just fly when sped up to 400 km/h, but also flips over before abruptly plummeting back to the ground.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Actress-singer and politician Irina Adzhitekova sits down with Gennady and talks about updates on her career since she last appeared on the show as guest (with the old presenters). She also discusses about her recent car history, acting career, and talks about her days as a presenter in Cars of Margovya as well. Adzhitekova drives around the test track in 1:43.8.

Trivia Question: The Yakovich Motor Corporation is still persistent in maintaining a somehow-positive image of their company by once again releasing a slightly-hazardous Yakovich X9. But which of these is not part of the controversial Yakovich X series cars? A. Yakovich XXX B. Yakovich X7 C. Yakovich X10 (Answer: C). The winner will get free Yakovich X9 courtesy of Yakovich Motor Corporation.

139 3 Khristenko DU-30, Suzukova Shevchovsky, Yamahova Kalinin V6, Lubovenko Desperation, Lubovenko Clitoris, Peel P50 Marvik Rondayev September 9, 2016
Review: Ivan reviews the Khristenko DU-30. Released in early 2016 as a tribute to the now-incumbent Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Ivan says that he can actually imagine the Philippine President actually driving it and privately watching one of Leila de Lima's sex videos while "giving himself a treat," to which Mark replied "are you sure it wasn't me you were thinking of?" The DU-30, according to Ivan, isn't entirely free from the mishaps caused by the previous Khristenko sports cars that were involved in the KLAY-LTM scandal, especially that some cars unexpectedly shuts down after reaching its top speed of 295 km/h. Just so the car won't shut down and mess up the timed lap, the engine of the DU-30 was replaced by the 5.4-L V10 engine of the Khristenko A1 which can provide practically the same performance. Ivan drives it around the test track in 1:25.0.

Challenge 1: Mark and Gennady try to drive the Yamahova Kalinin V6 and the Suzukova Shevchovsky, two of the most hazardous motorcycles in Margovya, along the Southern Margovyan Superhighway at top speed for as long as possible before they fall down and "hurt themselves." They will start at the Svelovsk (Ikanua) exit, passing through the most congested area of the SMS, and must be able to overtake as many cars as possible without going to the shoulder lane, or getting caught up between the crossfire of two angry motorists (which is unusually common in Southerm Margovya), or falling down due to the natural hazards of the motorcycles. Mark takes the Shevchovsky, while Gennady drives the Kalinin V6. Mark was able to drive for six kilometers and overtake 415 motor vehicles amidst the traffic before falling into the shoulder lane and falling down a shallow cliff to the side of the highway, while Gennady was able to actually drive past the traffic to the next exit (Viktorovsk, Urbanduva) thirteen kilometers ahead, and was able to overtake 759 vehicles before aggressively getting hit by a car trying to take the Viktorovsk exit from the overtaking lane. Back at the studio, Mark announces that Gennady had to be confined to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital, where he is currently served "beet soup and beer."

Challenge 2: Gibi would like to know how it feels like to be driving a Peel P50 along the Northern Margovyan Superhighway. His challenge was to make at least one exit (though he can go for as long as possible) without getting into an accident for its very slow speed. He was able to make it past the Arkonaysk City exit (which is the first exit from the West end of the expressway), but is rammed out of the road by a speeding motorcycle two kilometers later. Back at the studio, Hafim announces that Gibi was also rushed to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital and is served "what seemed like pig intestines and Conrada Cortesova's baby-making oils."

News: Gibi and Hafim reveals that they are also planning to turn the news segment into an Arigov & Kumilyova Tonight-like showbiz-themed news segment, but admits they can't pull it off. However, they do announce that Kazimir Rondayev, former musician and the father of the Rondayev brothers of The Real Deal, died at the age of 67. Gennady announces that the production for the upcoming fourth installment of 377 kph has finished, showing the audiences some of the behind-the-scenes of the movie. However, when the clip showed him having sex with Samara Tilnova inside his dressing room, Gennady stops the clip, saying "Fanniya was never meant to see that!" Mark and Ivan announce that the Mitsubishi Montero was once again allowed back in the market, after a year-long ban following the car's controversy in the Philippines, which had reportedly spread to a big part of South America, including Margovya.

Challenge 3: Ivan and Hafim are arguing over which of the Lubovenko Clitoris and Desperation is worse. To settle this, they try to drive it around the test track at a constant high speed. Ivan drives the Clit while Hafim drives the Desperation. Ivan and the Clit manages to make one lap around the track in 1:27.6; however, the car broke down and came to an abrupt stop afterwards, while Hafim never finished the lap as the car's engine shut down while at the Filitov corner. However, after five seconds, Hafim's car is seen exploding in a spectacular fashion. Back at the studio, Mark and Ivan (the remaining presenters who are alive and fine) announce that Hafim was also rushed to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital, where he is currently enjoying himself with popcorn and Conrada Cortesova porn.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: The Real Deal lead guitarist Marvik Rondayev sits with Hafim and talks about The Real Deal after Hafim left the band, and some car history. He also talks about the passing of his father, and shares some of their memories together. Rondayev drives the Land Cruiser around the Top Gear Margovya test track in 1:43.0.

Trivia Question: The episode is dedicated to former musician Kazimir Rondayev, father of Marvik and Aleksei Rondayev of The Real Deal. But which of these was not a former lead singer of The Real Deal? A. Andrey Vizinsky B. Adriyan Baychenko C. Hafim (Answer: B). The winner will receive a copy of The Essential Real Deal, signed by all members of the band, including Hafim.

140 4 Yakovich X9, Yakovich U2, Minchev Roadcrasher, Andropov K-12, Lubovenko Fallopia, Khristenko G-Bitov, Yakovich X8 Dmitriya Shevchova September 16, 2016
Review: Gibi, getting the short straw among the remaining three presenters who haven't reviewed a car yet, reluctantly gets to review the newly-released Yakovich X9. As discussed in the news segment a couple of episodes ago, this car, the last model of the controversial X series, has supposedly eliminated (or at least alleviated) the problems brought about the previous X series sports cars (particularly the X5, X6 and X8). However, Gibi isn't entirely sure about the safety of the car, as it can reportedly go about 482 km/h (495 in the upcoming Turbo Sport edition) on its 7.4-liter V16 engine that can produce 1,219 hp @10200 rpm. However, the company has provided extra weight on the tires, interior, and a little more suspension, making it weight about 3,231 kg, more than three times the weight of the X8. Gibi drives it around the track (making it alive and safe) in 1:18.6.

Challenge 1: The presenters wanted to know if the Yakovich X8, which can reportedly take off at the speed of at least 350 km/h, and flip over abruptly, causing it to plummet to the ground, could jump over 10 Yakovich M78 buses, at least through a "ring of fire" between the fifth and sixth busses. They happily announce that the TGM stuntman is finally recovered from his "accident" three episodes prior, and is now ready to do the challenge. However, the car flipped over while he was crossing through the ring of fire, causing the car to almost entirely catch fire while plummeting all the way down. Back at the studio, the presenters announce that the TGM stuntman survived the "freak accident," but was once again rushed to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital.

News: Gibi and Hafim announce that they were able to turn part of the news segment into a showbiz news parody program, where they will make fun of latest celebrity gossip. For example, talking about Martin Movchovsky and Dzhamila Tarapova expecting their third child together, and Tarapova reportedly having lunch with ex-boyfriend Godofredo, Gibi says "Dzhamila Tarapova expects third child with Martin Movchovsky, but with the issue of Dzhamila having lunch with Godofredo, the father of her first child, the Margovyan public can't help but wonder: Is Martin really the father of this one or not?" While at the audience letting Gibi and Hafim make fun of Dzhamila Tarapova, Martin Movchovsky and Godofredo, Mark, Ivan and Gennady talk about car stuff and other current events. Mark talks about the rumor of BMW possibly buying out either Yakovich or Khristenko. Ivan and Gennady discuss the latest news about the huge warehouse that was discovered by the MNP in Bulshitovskaya, which turned out to have been used as drug den by the Andivinskaya Bratva. During the raid that eventually followed, about 400 of the Bratva were killed. Mark jokingly adds that if that happened in the Philippines, there'd be about 1,000 killed: the other 600 would be innocent bystanders and nearby residents that get the involuntary ultimate sacrifice just so the police can show off bigger numbers. After he said that, he said "Sorry, I got a lot of that while filming The Duterte Code."

Challenge 2: The five presenters announce that they are officially low on budget to afford a second challenge. However, they decided they do their first cheap car challenge with an overall budget of only 10,000 margots (split into the five of them). Gennady buys a Yakovich U2 for only 1,500 margots, Ivan buys a Minchev Roadcrasher for 1,500, Gibi buys a Khristenko for only 1,000 margots, Hafim buys a Lubovenko Fallopia for 1,000, while Mark spends the remaining money for an Andropov K-12. The challenge was to make one lap around the TGM test track. After modifying their specific cars, they drove their respective cars around the track one by one. Gennady manages to go around one lap in 1:21.3, Ivan in 1:23.9 with his Roadcrasher, Gibi in 1:34.3, Hafim in 1:28.0, while Mark can't even make it through the Filitov Corner with his 5,000-margot K-12.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Actress Dmitriya Shevchova sits with Gibi and talks about her acting career, and what would have happened if she had played football instead of making a leap to the silver screen. She talks about some of her car history, and plugs her upcoming film, The Greatest Team There Never Was. She also answers Gibi and Hafim's "rumor," saying that she had known Godofredo for a long time, and that he would never make a move on a married woman, although she also adds that she doesn't know what's going on with him when apart from close friends. Shevchova drives around the test track for 1:42.6.

Trivia Question: According to Gibi and Hafim's "celebrity gossip," Martin Movchovsky may or may not be the father of him and Dzhamila Tarapova's supposed third child together. But which of these is NOT an ex-boyfriend of Tarapova? A. Mark Politov B. Mikhail Pankavuranov C. Godofredo (Answer: A). The winner will get m10,000.

141 5 Porsche 997, Yakovich P90, Khristenko A700, Yakovich M78, Joylong Majestic, Minchev Cordova Mark Politov September 23, 2016
Review: Gennady reviews the Porsche Carrera (997). He compares this to its predecessor Carrera, the 996, wherein while the 997 has the design and interior reminiscent to those of pre-996 Carreras, its performance is almost like that of its predecessor. The base Carrera has the same 3.6 L flat-6 engine as the 996, and can go about 290 km/h at top speed. Gennady drives the Carrera around the track in 1:17.9.

Challenge 1: Gibi, Hafim and Ivan try to figure out which of the following public transportation make the most profit (ignoring every expense except gas and toll fees) from the West end until the East end of the Northern Margovyan Superhighway: the bus, the cab or the van. Ivan drives a Minchev Cordova, one of the most common taxi cabs in Northern Margovya; Gibi drives a Joylong Majestic, a known vehicle used as public utility vans in the Metropolitan area; and Hafim drives a Yakovich M78, one of the buses used by Margovyan Rabbit. The three of them will use the standard fare for the cab (m60 initial fee; additional m1 per 100 meters or 15 seconds at complete stop), van (for NMS/SMS route, m40 for the nearest exit; additional m15 per succeeding exit), and bus (Margovyan Rabbit Bus 2016 fare matrix: m21 for the first 6 kilometers; m2 per succeeding kilometer). To make things fair, all three of them are allowed to take every exit to load/unload, and Ivan (the cab) may refuse passengers whose destination is at least 20 exits. Hafim managed to load a total of 338 passengers, and was able to make m11,019 at the end of the expressway at Yobatav. Gibi in the Majestic was able to pick up a total of 95 passengers and make m8,785. Ivan, in the cab, was able to drive 32 groups of passengers to the end of the expressway for m8,791. However, Ivan finished the entire expressway for half the time it took the other two to reach the end, making a potential double profit if he kept picking up passengers on a trip back to the West end until the other two reach the end of the expressway.

News: Gibi and Hafim say that their showbiz mockery program may have partially affected their viewership negatively, as many viewers opted to watch reruns of MMK Margovya over at MNBN instead. While there are no car news for the week, Ivan plugs his latest movie, The Greatest Team There Never Was, which will premiere on September 28, while Mark and Gennady address the rumors that their latest film, The Duterte Code, is banned from release in the Philippines by the Philippine government, saying that it's true.

Challenge 2: Since Mark and Gennady were making a film related to drugs and killings, they decided to conduct a challenge that involves 50 kilograms of illegal bath salts and a high-speed chase. They were tasked to carry a total of 100 kilograms of bath salts (actual bath salts) from Brazil, 50 kilograms for each of them, and they must be able to enter Margovyan soil, drop the "drugs" into the TGM studio, and get out of Margovya. However, there is a catch: they can only enter in the Margovyan-Brazilian border in Arbatskaya, there will be three police mobiles waiting for them in various checkpopints which, for the record, they don't know the exact location of each one of the checkpoints (although there is a guaranteed checkpoint 100 meters upon entering the Margovyan-Brazilian border), they can only use two cars: the Yakovich P90 and the Khristenko A700 (Mark drives the A700 while Gennady drives the P90, which still had the FN P90 that Maria Atolova found in the car years ago), and that they only have nine hours to perform the operation. The three cop-mobiles were driven by: Hafim and Gibi on the first, Ivan and the TGM stunt man on the second, and Ravil Yanenko on a special appearance as the "revealed" Pimp 2.0 (wearing the Pimp 2.0 suit and his novelty Paul Walker mask) driving the third. Mark enters the border first; after he has come to the first checkpoint (and was chased by Hafim and Gibi's car), Gennady follows. He suddenly catch up to where Hafim is chasing Mark, but remains unnoticed by the first police mobile. However, when he reaches the South Margovyan Superhighway on Asturiyovskaya Approach, he sees himself being chased by another police car (Ivan's). Meanwhile, Mark remains chased by Hafim, and decided to take the Central Highway, which is usually very congested and would lead straight to the studio in Ciudad del Celebridad. However, when he reaches Rondaya, he takes a detour that led him to Ikanua, and therefore loses the car. Meanwhile, Gennady takes the Svelovsk exit and loses Ivan, but he was almost intercepted by Hafim. Additionally, he saw that the Central Highway is congested, so he decided to head north. Upon reaching Abukov, he notices Ravil's car, and is therefore chased by the two cars. Meanwhile, Mark takes the SMS from Ikanua, but immediately takes the next exit (Del Quiev del Sur) right after he was followed by Ivan's car. He tries to lose the car, but ends up being pursued by the three police mobiles upon reaching Central Highway, therefore allowing Gennady to emerge from Marginalia Pueblito and quietly sneaking to Ciudad del Celebridad from behind. Suddenly, Gennady creates a distraction; he accidentally on purpose bumped into Hafim's car, causing all three cars to follow him instead. Mark was able to drop his load into the studio, and discreetly cruises into the Northern Margovyan Superhighway, while Gennady tries to lose the three cop mobiles while cruising into the more congested Central Highway. Gennady manages to disable Hafim's car in Sankt Pavlov, while still struggling to lose the other two cars. Mark, on the other hand, appeared on the scene, causing the remaining two cars to pursue them. They barely make it to the end though, completing the challenge in 8 hours, 58 minutes and 50 seconds.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Veteran actor-producer Mark Politov sits down with Ivan and talks about his acting career, including his roles in Paramedics and The Diner Club, along with some car history. He also talks with Ivan about The Greatest Team There Never Was, stating his opinion on what would have actually happened to both the MBA and Margovyan media history had he decided to pursue a career in basketball. Politov drives around the track in 1:41.0.

Trivia Question: The presenters (specifically Ivan), had been plugging his new movie The Greatest Team There Never Was for the past two episodes, and even had stars in the movie as guests. But which star wasn't slated to appear in the movie? A. Conrada Cortesova B. Raisa Portorenko C. Raisa Korovina (Answer: B). The winner will get three (3) tickets to the premiere of the movie on September 28, 2016.

142 6 Khristenko A700, Yakovich M57, Joylong Majestic, Pagani Zonda, Chevrolet Camaro, Yakovich U-Shut Up Irina Rasapinskaya September 30, 2016
Review: Hafim, the last remaining presenter who hasn't reviewed a car yet, reviews the Khristenko A700, the third release of Khristenko Automobiles, Inc., next to the A999 and A800. He laments the design of its latest model, saying that it looks an awful lot like the Lubovenko Beauty. However, he praises its performance, saying that it's "perfect for both cozy road trips and hasty car chases." Hafim drives it around the track in 1:17.8. However, just as he was about to leave the race track, an ambulance from Western Junction emerged at the test track. There, seven uniformed paramedics (cameo by Pyotr Borodin, Andzhela Pamukova, Dmitriya Shevchova, Olga Grisenko, Yelena Porsenko, Ana Markova, and Irina Berezovskaya) come out of the ambulance and carry a man wearing a gray suit and gas mask, who was lying on a stretcher. The mystery man then throws a fit and beats up the paramedics, while he takes the wheel in the ambulance and drives one lap around the track, before getting out, while the paramedics get in and drives away with the ambulance. Hafim then introduces the man in the grey suit and gas mask, which they will now call the "Pimp 3.0" basically because it follows the Pimp 2.0.

Challenge: The presenters declare that they are officially too low on budget to be doing two challenges, so they decided it's time for their very first "Do your own challenge" as the presenters of TGM. In this edition, they will be doing 80's and 90's movies and TV series. However, there is a twist: since they are actors mostly specializing in the 80's and 90's, they can't re-enact their own stunts. Gennady chooses the Yakovich M57, Hafim uses the Joylong Majestic, Mark drives a Pagani Zonda, Gibi chooses a third generation Chevrolet Camaro, while Ivan drives a Yakovich U-Shut Up. Their respective challenges are:

  • Hafim chooses the episode "The Off-Ramp" (1987) from the long-running series Paramedics, where the incumbent driver, Mikhail Trofimov (played by Mark Politov), speeds up an ambulance through an expressway, which unbeknownst to him, was under construction. He then speeds through an unfinished bridge by the exit, and its speed when it left the ground made it through the huge gap and land perfectly at the other end of the bridge. Hafim barely made it into the challenge, his Majestic plummeting thirty meters down to the Amazon River, necessitating another trip to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital with the help of the current cast of Paramedics.
  • Gibi chooses the 1993 film College Party, particularly the scene where the character of the late Anton Nukorev shows his friends the engagement ring he was to give to his girlfriend (played by Radoslava Orentalova) when a thief suddenly snatches the ring out of his hands, gets on his car and drove as fast as he could. Nukorev's character pursued the thief by foot, and caught up to him after barely five minutes. Gibi, dubbed as the new "Captain Slow" by the other four presenters, both in running and driving, insists he does this challenge with the new Pimp 3.0 driving his car of choice, the Chevrolet Camaro, the exact same brand and model that the thief used in the movie. However, Gibi never caught up to the Pimp--he got tired after running for barely two minutes. Back at the studio, Mark and Gennady announce that Gibi was also taken to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital "just to be sure."
  • Mark chooses the iconic The Interceptors episode "Technologist, Take the Wheel!" (1994), where Yerman Yezonov (played by Gennady himself) drives down a huge ramp built by the rest of the Interceptors, takes a sharp right turn while in the air, and lands on a flyover 500 meters ahead and 80 meters above the ramp. Mark succeeds in the challenge, the first time a presenter has actually succeeded in a Do your own challenge, but breaks the barrier of the flyover in the process.
  • Ivan chooses the 1983 movie Mission Implausible 4, where the character played by his father, Gleb Maryanov, jumps from the rooftop-floor of a six-story parking lot building, seems to miss the roof-top floor of another parking lot building of the same height about 500 meters away, but lands on the exit ramp three floors below. Ivan missed the rooftop or either of the exit ramps, hits a wall between the fourth and third floor, and plummets to the ground. Gennady and Mark announce that Ivan was also taken to the Ruslan Dumayev Memorial Hospital.
  • Gennady chooses the Diner Club episode "The Death Cab" (1986), where the character played by Karl Tramvitumov, then a full-time cab driver, drives a group of college students from a college bar near Columbia University under high influence of alcohol, and almost ends up fatally crashing on the wall of a dead end street right after he lost control of his cab. To ensure authenticity, Gennady drinks about four bottles of Enerkov extra strong before performing the challenge. He "picks up" the rest of the presenters, and drives at the same rate, and at the same aggression. He managed to successfully hit the brakes before he hit the wall, but when he checked the passengers, Gibi was nowhere to be found. Later in the studio, it was revealed that Gibi was thrown out at the intersection before the dead end.

News: Gennady announces that the upcoming Interceptors film, which was originally entitled The Duterte Code would be re-marketed as The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War, as to not to be too offensive to the government of the Philippines. He also clarifies that this isn't in any way conforming to politically correct ideals; since "if it did, [he] wouldn't even plan on releasing the film." Gibi and Hafim talk about the new Lubovenko Abyss, which, in their opinion, is "probably worse than the Desperation, Beauty, Clitoris and Fallopia combined."

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Margovyan actress Irina Rasapinskaya is the episode's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Since the "Can't interview your spouse/relative" rule of the old presenters is still in effect, Ivan, Rasapinskaya's husband, can't interview her. She instead sits with Mark and talks about her acting career. She stated the reasons why she left Paramedics, and at the same time wishes her co-stars good luck in the forty-fourth season, as well as Irina Berezovskaya, the newest addition to the group. Her car history, her marriage to Ivan, and the birth of their son were also discussed, and she let Mark in on a little secret about Ivan's "strange bed habits." Before Rasapinskaya made her lap around the Top Gear Margovya test track, the new Pimp 3.0's lap time with the Land Cruiser was shown, where he set a record 1:37.1 around the test track. Rasapinskaya drives around the track in 1:43.5.

Trivia Question: The presenters yet again do another "Do your own challenge" featuring movie and TV stunts of the 80's and the 90's. But which of the five presenters was the only one who had a movie/TV show in the 80's? A. Hafim B. Mark C. Ivan D. Gibi E. Gennady (Answer: B) The winner will get a special DVD edition of the seventh, eighth and ninth season of Cars of Margovya, signed by the seasons' current presenters, Mark, Gennady and Karl Khristenko.