Top Gear Margovya
Season 15
No. of Episodes 12
Original Run January 6, 2017 - March 24, 2017
Written by Yelizaveta Vulvanova, Ivan Maryanov, Yulian Markovsky, Mark Vizinsky, Gennady Elemat, Orental Gibitov, Hafimwahlid Talnaev
Directed by Yulian Markovsky
Top Gear Margovya chronology
Series 14

The fifteenth series of the Margovyan car magazine show Top Gear Margovya began broad cast on Let's Talk Margovya on January 6, 2017. Instead of the traditional end of season TGM awards set by the old presenters in series 9, the new presenters announced that the management is reverting it back into being held every year, and hence, the winners for TGM awards 2016 were announced on the first episode of the fifteenth series instead of the last episode of the fourteenth series.

Let's Talk Margovya approved the series for twelve episodes, which would include a two-part special, the Rockies Special, wherein they will try to spend two weeks atop the rocky mountains of Denver, Colorado.

Episode ListEdit

Overall no. No. in series Reviews Guest Airdate
143 1 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra, Lotus Elise, Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni, Ford Crown Victoria, Toyota Innova, Fiat 500 Michael Bublé January 6, 2017
Review: Gennady reviews the 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R. He says that this was an extremely exclusive car, and that Ford only released seven of these in Margovya. While the same 5.0 L V8 engine used in the 1993 Windsor Cobra was also used in the first Cobra R, the Cobra R was more suitable for racing, proven by footages of Gennady driving it in the Need for Speed Margovya segment of Cars of Margovya in 1995. The Pimp 3.0 drives the Cobra R around the track in 1:20.4.

Challenge 1: Mark and Gennady decide that they complete at least one Need For Speed challenge per series, as they realized that they've been getting a lot of positive feedback from nostalgic Cars of Margovya viewers from the 90s, although they didn't want to make it a weekly feature because they didn't wanna overdo it. For the challenge, they would be doing a huge three-lap highway circuit from the TGM studio, throughout the Central Highway all the way to Encantovich, through the Vladislav Movchenko Highway all the way to Ikanua, and then through the SMS to Remontadov, and lastly, a series of detours back to the studio. Mark picks the Lotus Elise, while Gennady picks the Lamborghini Valentino Balboni. During the challenge, which was set on a time where both the Central Highway and the western part of the SMS are congested, Mark, whose specialty is mainly congested roads and detours, was leading over Gennady by the end of the first lap and the second lap. However, by the third lap, the Central Highway became decongested, and the Vladislav Movchenko highway became congested, giving Gennady an opportunity to break the lead, which he did. At the end of the third lap, Gennady won with a total time of 2:15:44.71, as opposed to Mark's time of 2:18:09.88.

News: The presenters, who were all set to play a role in the upcoming and awaited movie The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War, premiered the official trailer of the film. Gennady, the film's director, gave the viewers a sneak peek of the movie in addition to the trailer, plus showed some pf the outtakes of his co-presenters while filming. They also discussed the upcoming release of the new Yakovich Y-Delilah, and the Minchev Roadcrasher XT, with the XT standing for "Extreme" or "XTreme." Hafim also adds that the look of the Roadcrasher XT "has also took for the extreme worst."

Challenge 2: Ivan, Gibi and Hafim were all bickering about which of the three previous Reasonably Priced Cars (with the exception of the current RPC, the Land Cruiser J200) is the best. Thus, they decided to do the "Battle of the Reasonably Priced Cars" to "settle the argument once and for all." Gibi chooses the long-standing Toyota Innova, Ivan drives the Ford Crown Victoria, while Hafim settles for the most recent RPC, which was the Fiat 500. However, there is a catch: since the new presenters have no idea of the whereabouts of the actual cars that were used as RPCs, they would have to buy cars of the same make and model as their chosen RPCs, for a budget of only 50,000 margots. Ivan was able to obtain his Crown Vic for only 49,999, while Gibi was able to obtain his Innova for only 2,500 after he allegedly slept with the car dealer, who was later revealed as one of Gennady's fraternity brothers from back when he was in college. Hafim decided to order a Fiat 500 from a junkyard website for only 1,800 margots; however, the car he received was an old and almost-run-down 1957 Fiat 500. He ought to spend the remaining 48,200 of his money to buy an eligible Fiat 500, but there was no more time, so he was allowed to drive his old Fiat. The challenge was to drive a total of 15 laps around the TGM test track (since this is the show's 15th series). Ivan was able to complete the challenge in 20:51.05; Gibi was able to do it in 24:55.62. However, Hafim's Fiat broke down in the middle of the fourteenth lap; therefore, he wasn't able to complete the challenge. Back in the studio, Mark and Gennady showed a clip of Hafim redoing the challenge using an updated Fiat 500, which he completed in 21:38.46.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Canadian singer-songwriter Michael Bublé sits down with Gennady and talks about his singing career, as well as some car history. Gennady also showed the viewers some of the outtakes of Bublé while they were filming the part of Philippine Civil war where the two of them do a duet of Bublé's hit "It's a Beautiful Day". The two also perform a live duet of the song in the studio afterwards. Bublé drives the J200 around the track in 1:41.6.

Trivia Question:

2016 Top Gear Margovya Awards:

  • Ugliest Car: Minchev Roadcrasher. The Yakovich X8 came at a close second.
  • Worst Car: Yakovich X8
  • Best Worst Car: Yakovich X8
  • Worst Dressed Presenter in Top Gear Margovya: Mark in his Rodrigo Duterte outfit at the introduction of series 14 (Series 14, Episode 1).
  • Best Noise: The sound of the Fiat 500 when it hit a group of teenagers taking selfies on a hill below (Series 14, Episode 1).
  • Best Driver: Mark Politov
  • Car of 2016: Yakovich X9 (Each of the presenters had to give a 2-minute explanation just to convince viewers that the decision wasn't in any way influenced by the KLAY Consortium).
144 2 Bentley Arnage, Peel P50, Yamahova Kalinin V6, Suzukova Swift, Yakovich X9, Minchev Roadcrasher Godofredo January 13, 2017
Review: Gibi reviews the 2007 Bentley Arnage T. He praises the car's 6.8-L Rolls Royce V8 twin-turbo engine, which can produce a maximum of 500 hp @ 4200 rpm, and a top speed of 290 kph. The Pimp drives it around the track in 1:33.5.

Challenge 1: Hafim wanted to know if the Peel P50 can successfully jump up a ramp and over five adjacent MArgovyan Rabbit buses. He successfully does the challenge by having gone up the ramp, landing into the roof of the first bus, and then jumping up again until he reached the ramp at the end of the fifth bus, however, he was disqualified from the challenge since he landed on one of the buses.

Yakovich U2, Peel P50, Ford Ranger T6, Yakovich U-Shut Up, Declasse Voodoo None January 20/27, 2017
Main Article: Top Gear Margovya: The Rockies Special

The presenters, while apparently playing Need for Speed: The Run, are bickering on what the best choice is for a car to use in the Colorado leg of the race, more known as "the Rockies." They then decided to turn that argument into a challenge. Instead of choosing between the available cars in the game, they expanded the selection to anything and everything that has wheels. And instead of racing through the rockies, the presenters will be racing each other to the Independence Pass in Colorado, go camping for two weeks on the mountain top, and then race each other back to Margovya. However, there is a catch: they only have a budget of 50,000 margots each. After pulling some strings, Gennady manages to get himself a 2017 Yakovich U-Shut Up for 40,000 margots, while Mark got himself a 5th generation Yakovich U2 for 47,500 margots. Hafim, who admits he's not that good in under the table and "under the table" deals, buys himself a brand new Peel P50 for 49,999.95 margots, while Ivan manages to get a hold of a 2016 Ford Ranger T6 for 38,000 margots (to which Mark remarks that maybe Ivan was "compensating" for something). On the othet hand, Gibi, while walking towardsthe nearby car dealer in Ciudad del celebridad, spots a Declasse Voodoo parked in the studio lot, so he took it.

On the race to the summit of the mountain, the presenters can take any route they want, so as not to attract any police mobiles, who might mistake it for an illegal street race (whoch it kinda is). However, Hafim, who was apparently not informed that it was going to be a race, was allowed to tag team with Ivan, while Mark, Gennady and Gibi battle on their own.

147 5 Tatiana Vinogradova February 3, 2017
148 6 Ivan Radoslavovsky February 10, 2017
149 7 Andreya Ismailova February 17, 2017
150 8 Dzhamila Tarapova February 24, 2017
151 9 Martin Johnson March 3, 2017
152 10 Andzhela Pamukova March 10, 2017
153 11 Borislav Okurev March 17, 2017
154 12 Alakdan Ozamov March 24, 2017