Top Gear Margovya
Season 7
No. of Episodes 15
Original Run April 13, 2012 - July 20, 2012
Written by Yelizaveta Vulvanova
Directed by Yelizaveta Vulvanova
Top Gear Margovya chronology
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The seventh series of the car magazine show Top Gear Margovya began broadcast on Let's Talk Margovya on April 13, 2012 and ended on July 20, 2012, spanning a total of fifteen episodes, making this the longest series in Top Gear Margovya to date. The series featured one special, the Battle of the Cars Special, where the presenters try to prove which of their chosen cars is the "best of the best" in today's generation by undergoing through several extreme challenges that will prove a car as such.

Episode ListEdit

Overall no. No. in series Reviews Guest Airdate
60 1 Yakovich M62, 1970 Yakovich M57, Yamahova Kalinin V6 Yordana Puevskaya April 13, 2012
Main review: Maria reviews the limited edition Yakovich M62, which Anton Yakovich only produced 62 cars for m850,000 each, following the success of the third generation Yakovich M57 in 1971. Maria says that the M62 has the same 4.6-liter V10 engine as the 1967 M57 and can produce as much power as the Yakovich N (582 hp at 7300 rpm), but weighs as much as half the total mass of a Yakovich M90 monster truck. The Pimp drives the M62 around the Top Gear Margovya test track in 1:19.07.

Challenge 1: Tanya dresses up as a delivery crew of FastLane Pizza after a curious viewer asks why the Yamahova Kalinin V6 wasn't used as a delivery motorcycle in any fast food chain in Margovya, considering that the 2002 Yamahova Svolochiyevskaya is the standard vehicle of the delivery crew of FastLane Pizza. Tanya, curious about it herself, tried to do a delivery shift in the Ciudad del Celebridad branch of the fast food chain, and after getting an order from 4th Avenue, she speeds up using her Kalinin V6. However, due to its relatively fast acceleration, Tanya collides while attempting to pass between two Margovyan Rabbit buses, consequently crashing through the rear bumper of a truck in front of the bus to her left. Back at the studio, Tanya, now in a wheelchair with bandages all over her, tells the viewers that that's exactly why the Yamahova Kalinin V6 wasn't allowed as a delivery bike.

News: Tanya and Gavrina talk about the recent success of the movie 2018, and their hopes that it will finally beat Titanium as the highest-grossing film of all time. Meanwhile, Maria talks about the impending release of the Yakovich X, along with the sixth generation Yakovich U-Shut Up, and the Andropv K-milyov GT (and still curses Karim Andropov for still not making a car in "her likeness.")

Challenge 2: Gavrina and Maria are once again on a debate, as to which of the third generation Yakovich M57 and the Yakovich M62 is better, with Maria stating that the M62 was designed to outperform the M57, and Gavrina arguing that the 1970 M57 is still considered the best Yakovich sports car to date. They then try to race it around Ciudad del Celebridad, starting from outside the studio and ending all the way at 1st Avenue. The M62 accelerates faster than the M57, but on the corner of 9th Avenue to where Marvik Ribabov's 1972 accident happened, Maria lost control of her M62, letting Gavrina take the lead all the way to the end. Gavrina and the M57 makes it in 4:49.05, while Maria is about three seconds behind at 4:52.02.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Yordana Puevskaya, one of the stars of the Mafiya series' fourteenth installment, Downfall of an Empire, is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. She sits down with Tanya and talks about her role alongside Matvey Rasapinsky and Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev. She also talks about her engagement with Rasapinsky in 2011, and their impending wedding shortly after the release of Three Girls: In Deep Sh*t, in which she played a minor role as a friend of the titular three girls. Puevskaya drives around the test track in 1:56.0.

61 2 Yakovich V800, Yakovich M99 monster truck Yulian Markovsky April 20, 2012
Main review: Tanya reviews the Yakovich V800, known in the Margovyan automobile history as the most popular SUV in Margovya during the 2000's, with about 74% of Margovyan licensed drivers owning at least one V800 upon its release in 2008. She says that the V800 is almost as good as the U-Shut Up, only that the V800 goes as fast as 374 km/h, 41 km/h slower than the U-Shut-Up, and its 4.9-liter V8 engine is only capable of producing as much as 586 hp, as opposed to the U-Shut Up's 612 hp. The Pimp drives the V800 around the test track in 1:15.86.
62 3 Genrikh Antonov April 27, 2012
63-64 4-5 Pagani Zonda, Yakovich U-SHUT UP, Bugatti Veyron None May 4/11, 2012
Main Article: Top Gear Margovya: Battle of the Cars Special

The girls have been bickering over which of their favorite SUVs are the best, so the producers turned the episode into a big Battle of the Cars challenge, for which Tanya represents the Yakovich U-Shut Up, Gavrina chooses the Pagani Zonda, and Maria will stick to her choice, the Bugatti Veyron (with Gavrina commenting "You're gonna need it"). However, the producers reveal that there are nineteen different challenges, therefore needing the next episode as Part 2. The presenters were given only 75,000 margots to purchase the car of their choice. Gavrina haggles for her Pagani Zonda for 74,999.95 margots; Another computer malfunction occured during Tanya's purchase, therefore having obtained the U-Shut Up for 675 margots instead of 67,500; and Maria seduced the car dealer into selling her the car for only 54,500 margots. After obtaining their cheap-but-awesome SUVs, the challenges for Part 1 were:

  • Challenge 1 (Speed): Since all of the cars go at high top speeds, the trio decided to test it in the Northern Margovyan Superhighway, and to keep the challenge fair, the NMS will be closed to motorists, and the Pimp drives all of them along the NMS. Since the girls will be sitting in the passenger seat of their respective cars without seatbelts during the ride, their challenge is to utter the least number of curse words and fall from the seat the least number of times while the Pimp drives it in the clear expressway as fast as he can.
  • Challenge 2 (Fuel economy): The trio will now be asked to drive their cars this time along the Southern Margovyan Superhighway, but with only 80 liters of fuel. Their benchmark is Remontadov, Viktoriyovskaya (exit 801).
  • Challenge 3 (Space): The trio will now be asked to carpool at least twenty members of the Senate, House of Representative, and/or the Margovyan Palace, and drive from Ikulsk to Ciudad del Celebridad using any route they want. The challenge is to last a ride from Ikulsk to Ciudad del Celebridad without dropping any person, and utter the least number of curse words per group.
65 6 Susana Bulshitova May 18, 2012
66 7 Ruma Dumayev May 25, 2012
67 8 Irina Rasapinskaya June 1, 2012
68 9 Yakovich V1000 Brian McKnight June 8, 2012
69 10 Conrada Cortesova June 15, 2012
70 11 Rico Blanco June 22, 2012
71 12 Irina Adzhitekova June 29, 2012
72 13 Regine Velasquez July 6, 2012
73 14 Minchev Box Ravil Yanenko July 13, 2012
74 15 McLaren P1, Dodge Nitro, Daewoo Nubira Revolutsiya Adzhitekova July 20, 2012

Main review: Gavrina reviews the McLaren P1 in yet another effort by Maria and Tanya to convert her to the "hybrids are the future" point of view. With a twin turbocharged V8 combining with an in-house electric motor to produce 903 hp total, Gavrina is impressed by the total power output of the P1, which allows it to go from 0 to 100 in just 2.8 seconds. But while it does have an electric motor, Gavrina is adamant that the P1 is "too much of a petrol-burner" to be considered a hybrid, and while she declares that she likes the car, she says she would rather have a version powered by only the V8 engine. The Pimp drives it around the track in 1:28.93.

Star in a Reasonably Priced Car: Revolutsiya Adzhitekova, younger sister of Senator Irina Adzhitekova and star of the hit reality TV series Margovyan Revolution! is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. She sits down with Gavrina and talks about her life as a reality TV star, being the younger sister of one of the most prominent actresses and politicians in Margovya, along with some car history, including her famous crash in a Billingshurst Roadrunner as seen on Revolution! She goes around the track in 1:59.2.

Top Gear Margovya Series 7 Awards:

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