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Transport systems all but collapsed on DD roads. were destroyed EMP affected the electrical systems of planes and cars thus rendering them useless, further more many nations were cut of from fuel sources this meant petrol or gas was allocated to medical and agriculture use.

Land TravelEdit

Many nations still use horses and carts for transport this was the same for developed nations up until the mid 1980s when access to fuel sources made this possible. This meant that automobiles are in use however less developed nations still rely on the horse drawn Vehicles IE buggies wagons and  stagecoaches .

Steam trains are in common use, as are the occasional diesel trains and alcohol fuelled shunting engines.

Sea travelEdit

Sea transport for many coastal communities after DD the sea was very important for food and trade, the most common in use everyday, were sailing vessels.

Now alcohol and petrol powered small boats is becoming more common. Steam powered ships are used by more developed nations.

Air travelEdit

Handgliders and hot air balooons are used in many nations.

A few light aircraft and helicopters are used by more the developed and oil producing nations since the early to mid 1980's, but they are still uncommon.

Imagery Edit

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