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Basilio Mariano Agbayani
Vasily Marianovich Agpayev
Василий Марьянович Агпаев

Timeline: History of Margovya

Agpayev after taking oath of office in 1923

1st President of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 1923 – 27 June 1926

Successor: Juan Maryanov
Vice President: Juan Maryanov
Birth: 7 April 1868
Canto Luna, Marginalia del Norte (now New Marginalia), Margovia
Death: 27 June 1926 (aged 58)
Gaskoniyov (now Ikulsk), Margovya
Spouse: Maria Angela Antonio (renamed Maria Andzhelovna Antonova)
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, revolutionist

Basilio Mariano Agbayani y delos Santos (later Vasily Maryanovich Agpayev, 7 April 1868 - 27 June 1926) was a Margovyan politician and revolutionist. He was a co-founder of the well-known revolutionist group The Margovyan Triangle, and was one of the revolutionists who fought for the freedom of the Republic of Margovyan from the Russian imperialists. He was the first president of the republic and is considered the Father of the Margovyan Reovlution and the Father of Free Margovya.

Agpayev was inaugurated on April 6, 1923 as the first president of the Republic of Margovya one week after the official declaration of independence on March 31. He served for more than one term as president and died on natural causes on June 27, 1926, a few months after his inauguration for his second term.


Basilio Agbayani was born in Canto Luna, Marginalia del Norte on April 7, 1868 to Mariano Agbayani (c. 1839 - January 25, 1904) and Estrella delos Santos (April 24, 1845 - July 19, 1930). Basilio was born in the midst of the Six Years' War, in which his father was a soldier. Basilio's mother gave birth to him in a little shack, which was used as a hideout of Julio Soledad's soldiers. He was born with a twin brother named Baldomero, who was killed when Paloma Vergara's forces attacked the shack that they were staying in. Aside from his twin brother, Basilio has eight other siblings.

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