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Province of Viktoriyovskaya
Provintsiya Viktoriyovskaya
Timeline: History of Margovya

OTL equivalent: Alpamayo Peak, Peru
Viktoriyovskaya Flag Coat of Arms
1968 Viktoriyovskaya Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: ""Three Races, One Goal"

Que soy Viktoriyovskaya" (Local Anthem)"

Capital: Viktoriyovskaya City
Largest city: Remontadov
Other cities: Ruma Aldava, Alandrovich, Putanina del Norte, Putanina del Sur
English, Margovyan
  others: Portugese, Spanish
Roman Catholicism
  others: Islam
Governor: Svetlana Vegova
Vice Governor: Ivana Landinina
Area: 3,888 km²
Population: 1,675,594 
Established: 12 November 1846
Currency: Margovyan margots
Time zone: UTC-4
Internet TLD: .mg
Organizations: United Nations

The Province of Viktoriyovskaya (Spanish: Provincia de Viktoriyovskaya; Russian: Provintsiya Viktoriyovskaya; Margovyan:Provintsiya de los pueblos Viktoriyovskaya) is a province in the southwest Margovya. It borders Calduva to the north, Bolivian territory to the south, Tramvitum to the northeast, Ikanua to the east, Southern del Quiev to the southeast, Queruva to the west, and Peruvian territory to the southwest.

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