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Nuclear war losses-1962

Possible nuclear war losses.

Some nations like Turkey, Spain, Sweden and Bulgaria got away with little if any atomic attacks on Doomsday.

Yugoslavia's neutrality had only partially worked as it was not 100% trusted by some of both side’s more hawkish boffins and generals.

Albania was considered so pathetic it was rendered off-topic by both sides!

Targets in YugoslaviaEdit


  1. Belgrade's government offices, because they were in the the capital of a communist country- 1x 15kt. (failed to go off)
  2. Belgrade airbase- 1x 15kt.
  3. Željava Air Base-1x 1kt bomb and a 1x 25kt misslie. The missile meant for Željava Air Base outside Bihać missed and harmlessly hit the nearby Plješevica Mountain. It broke up and spewed toxic debris like a dirty bomb dose.
  4. Batajnica Air Base-1x 1kt.
  5. Zagreb international airport-1x 1kt.
  6. Šibenik naval base-1x 1kt.
  7. Novi Sad truck engineering works-1x 1kt.
  8. Pristina JNA radar station- Hit only a conventional HE warhead cruse missile.
  9. JNA Third Army barracks in Skopje- Hit only a conventional HE warhead cruse missile.

Warsaw PactEdit

  1. a 40 kt  missile and a 1x 15kt bomb was also lobbed at the capital's government offices since they were a political "heretical" Titoite communist state. The 15kt bomb hit Belgrade, but the missile missed and exploded 50 miles of the coast line of northern Albania.
  2. Belgrade's airbase- 2x 15kt (failed to go off).
  3. Pristina radar station- 1x 1kt.

Targets in AlbaniaEdit

  • There were no targets or incidental strikes in Albania.

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