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This is a list of targets, events and/or nations! They are chosen for reasons of Cold War geo-political, military and infrastructural development, plus a bit of good ATL story telling. It is not intended to be biased or one sided!


Here is a list of all the known Warsaw Pact targets in the 1962 atomic attack on Australia. Neither New Zealand, P.N.G., Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands were not hit.


  1. HMAS Creswell, the Royal Australian Navy College- 10kt, but it failed to go off.
  2. Jervis Bay Navy Base- 10kt, but it failed to go off.
  3. RAAF Bace Woomera- 10kt, but it failed to go off.
  4. Laverton Radar Station- 10kt, but it failed to go off.

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