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The plan Edit

Electricity Pylons - - 505560

A pylon in Rutland-shire.

Ashwell electricity sub-station. - - 158723

Oakham's sub-station.

The Windward Electrical Project system was founded by Rutland, the PRUK, Market Harborough and Central Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire on May the 1st, 1998. East Anglia joined in 6 weeks later. Other nations joined the project in 1999 and 2004.

Out comeEdit

The work on the large, 270 MW wind farm and a 230 MW coal fired power station, near the Ketton coal mine in Rutland started in 2000 and 2005 respectively.

Most places were connected to the power supply grid in 2005, but some had to wait until 2010 due to lack of resources. It will meet the nations needs and will continue to do so for several decades to come.

Recipient townsEdit

  1. Loughborough,
  2. Hinckley*(after 2009),
  3. Derby*,
  4. Oakham,
  5. Desborugh*
  6. Ketton mine,
  7. Ketton town,
  8. Kibworth Beauchamp,*
  9. Matlock*, (after 2009),
  10. Towcester*,
  11. Buckingham,
  12. Stafford* (after 2009),
  13. Mercian (PRUK) Capital District (after 2009),
  14. Kings Lynn*,
  15. Leicester City-state* (after 2009)
  16. Spalding* (after 2009),
  17. Northampton,
  18. Warwick (after 2009),
  19. Leamington Spa (after 2009),
  20. Grantham,
  21. Melton Mowbray* (after 2008),
  22. Corby coal mine,
  23. Corby town,
  24. Kettering,
  25. Rugby,
  26. Matlock*,
  27. Buxton*,
  28. Brackley (after 2007)*
  29. Market Harborough*
  30. Daventry (after 2009)*,
  31. Woodford Halse (after 2010)*.

*= A few street lights, electrified farm fences and/or domestic lights only.

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