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Yakov Terentiyevich Yazenev
Яков Терентиевич Язенев
Timeline: History of Margovya

Yazenev in Bonjoaya in 2011

Director-General of the Margovyan National Police
2 June 2013 – Present

Predecessor: Vyacheslav Mandatov
Successor: Present
President: Viktoriya Vegova (2013-Present)

Chief of Police of the Province of Bonjoaya
15 April 2000 – 2 June 2013

Predecessor: Konstantin Duganin
Successor: Semyon Dambaluvanov
President: Ruma Dumayev (2000-2001)

Genrikh Antonov (2001-2004)
Pristina Leonova (2004-2007)
Gennady Elemat (2007-2013)
Viktoriya Vegova (2013)

Birth: 21 October 1956 (aged 60)
Bonjoaya Flag Filyovskaya, Bonjoaya, Margovya
Spouse: Yelizaveta Fyodorovna Tramuva
Political party: Margovyan Distinct Party of Activists
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Police officer

Yakov Terentiyevich Yazenev (Margovyan: Jacobo Terencio Yasen, Russian: Яков Терентиевич Язенев, born 21 October 1956) is a Margovyan police officer. He is the current Director-General of the Margovyan National Police, and before that, he was the Chief of Police of the Province of Bonjoaya.

He officially became Director-General of the MNP after his predecessor, Vyacheslav Mandatov, announced his retirement on 2 June 2013.

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