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Елена Юнтаевна Неказанка
Yelena Yuntaevna Nekazanka
Timeline: Birth of Krakozhia

Yelena Nekazanka in 1992

2nd President of the Republic of Krakozhia
27 August 1987 – 1 February 1992

Predecessor: Galdar Umayev
Successor: Dmitri Prikopy
Vice President: Ravil Lesenko
Birth: 3 April 1950 (aged 68)
Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967).svg Malug, Karoshan Territory, People's Republic of Bulgaria
Spouse: Pavel Maksimovich Grapayev
Political party: Communist Party of the Republic of Krakozhia
Religion: Bulgarian Orthodox
Profession: Politician, civil rights activist

Yelena Yuntaevna Nekazanka (Russian: Елена Юнтаевна Неказанка) (born April 3, 1950) was the second President of the Republic of Krakozhia.


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