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Zarya Kedrovna Yarinich
Заря Кедровна Яринич
Timeline: History of Margovya

Zarya Yarinich
Yarinich in 2012

7th and Incumbent Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Margovya
18 June 2012 – present

Predecessor: Vyacheslav Domovich
President: Gennady Elemat (2012-2013)

Viktoriya Vegova (2013-present)

Jurist of the Republic of Margovya
24 August 2004 – 18 June 2012

President: Pristina Leonova (2004-2007)

Gennady Elemat (2007-2012)

Birth: 26 August 1983 (age 33)
Arbatskaya Flag Yobatav, Arbatskaya, Margovya
Spouse: Jim Maksimovich Madiganov
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, Singer, Actress, Judge, Lawyer, Fashion Designer

Zarya Kedrovna Yarinich (Margovyan: Alba Cedrusa Jarina, Russian: Заря Кедровна Яринич, born 26 August 1983) is a Margovyan politician and judge. She is the incumbent Chief Justice of Margovya, and a jurist in the Margovyan House of Justices. She is also a singer, and was a back-up singer and bassist in the band Not So Socialist before being chosen as a jurist for the district of Arbatskaya. She is also an actress, known for her role as Yekaterina Filitova in the 2008 film Birth of the Margovyan Vogue, a film on the life story of former President Susana Bulshitova.

Yarinich officially became the seventh Chief Justice of the Margovyan House of Justices after being appointed by President Gennady Elemat on June 18, 2012, following the impeachment of former Chief Justice Vyacheslav Domovich on May 26, 2012.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

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