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Zosima Irineyevich Andivin
Timeline: History of Margovya
Birth: August 6, 1973 (age 43)
Llamadovskaya, Pontival, Margovya
Spouse: Mikhaila Rostislavovna Lubovenko
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: basketball coach, former basketball player

Zosima Irineyevich Andivin (born August 6, 1973) is a retired Margovyan basketball player. He started playing under the Pontival State University college basketball team PSU Baby Piranhas from 1991 to 1995, and then under the Margovyan Basketball Association team Pontival Piranhas from 1995 to 2012, and became head coach of the team starting 2013, where, on his first year as head coach of the team, he managed to claim victory for the Piranhas with the score of 149-148 against the long-time MBA champion Arbatskaya Monarchs during the final game of the 2013-14 MBA finals on June 20, 2014.

Andivin is also known as the sole survivor of his team Pontival Piranhas after the rest of the players and their coach died in a plane crash on May 23, 1996. The accident was dramatized in the 2009 film Fall of the Piranhas, where Andivin was portrayed by Ivan Prokofiev.

Birth and early lifeEdit

Zosima Andivin was born in Llamadovskaya, Pontival on August 6, 1973 to former Pontival Piranhas player Iriney Andivin (1934-2014) and Fadia Amrovich (b. 1940). He has an older brother, Andrey (b. 1969), and a younger brother Maksim (b. 1976), who went on to be a player for the Pontival Piranhas F.C. Andivin is also the grandson of former Senator Mark Andivin, and the grand-nephew of former President Svetlana Andivina.

Zosima developed an interest in basketball as early as the age of 3, when he watched his father's last performance in the Margovyan Basketball Association in April 1977. He then played basketball for fum growing up, until he decided to make a career out of it when he tried out for his school's varsity when he was in middle school. Although he didn't make the varsity team in middle school, he made the varsity top 12 of Llamadovskaya High School in 1989 when he was in junior year, where he went on until he finished high school in 1991.

Professional careerEdit

PSU Baby Piranhas (1991-1995)Edit

Having made the varsity of his high school basketball team for two years, Andivin was granted a tryout for the PSU Baby Piranhas when he was applying for a basketball scholarship in Pontival State University. He made the Baby Piranhas in 1991 after passing the tryout with flying colors.

Some of Andivin's most notable performances while in his college basketball team was in 1994 against the Sta. Radoslava College Mountain Lions when he scored a total of 19 points in the fourth quarter alone, making his 27-point contribution a big factor in PSU's 74-65 victory against the SRC. Also, in 1995, he scored his career high of 33 points in their game against the ASU Royals, which is more than half of PSU's score of 63 against ASU's 59.

Because of his performance in the PSU, he was drafted into the MBA team Pontival Piranhas at the start of the 1995-96 season.

MBA Draft and Pontival Piranhas Disaster (1995-1997)Edit

MBA career statisticsEdit

GP - games played
GS - games started
FG% - field goal percentage
3P% - 3-point field-goal percentage
FT% - free throw percentage
RPG - rebounds per game
BPG - blocks per game
APG - assists per game
SPG - steals per game
MPG - minutes per game
PPG - points per game
bold - career high

Regular season
1995-96 Piranhas 12 0 4.3 .639 .588 .897 2.3 0.9 2.2 1.1 6.8
1997-98 Piranhas 128 126 18.2 .458 .494 .791 3.7 2.1 5.6 2.9 15.0
1998-99 Piranhas 13 5 11.8 .568 .552 .759 2.1 1.3 3.2 1.2 11.5
1999-00 Piranhas 8 6 10.4 .615 .692 .815 2.4 1.0 2.6 0.8 9.9
2000-01 Piranhas 24 21
2001-02 Piranhas 27 12
2002-03 Piranhas 38 13
2003-04 Piranhas 38 26
2004-05 Piranhas 29 27
2005-06 Piranhas 69 47
2006-07 Piranhas 75 39
2007-08 Piranhas 130 74
2008-09 Piranhas 103 50
2009-10 Piranhas 118 89
2010-11 Piranhas 124 70
2011-12 Piranhas 130 126
Career 1,066 731

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